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  1. Easy 200bhp on stock internals with a turbo on that
  2. Its changed hands a few times I belive, think its gone up north.
  3. Noodles

    wheel clamp

    The DVLA do patrol in their vans with scanners on looking for cars with no tax, had a few up my road.
  4. swage line is the crease on the wing on a mk2 estate it 'folds' inwards so the top half sticks out, on the saloon its the opposite the bottom half sticks out.
  5. I once got charged 31p for a whole days parking in a NCP in london instead of £31
  6. Mk2_escort_chick here... I'm lost for words!! Fooking w@nkers. They must pay I feel for you I really do. I hope that you find these b@stards and if you need a hand teaching them a lesson-you know where I am! xxx
  7. Well gutted for yer, kids today little shits think they can get away with anything.
  8. I got a 55 reg 1.6 zetec s, the coil packs went at about 50,000 miles and the doors fill up with water inside. The weasal one have a peugeot engine and, as my bro knows best, its had 4 turbos in 5 years.
  9. Whats the other one...... Can I pay cash so i dont pay VAT but I want a VAT receipt
  10. The range is so far a very good one with good paint and no rot can go for a grand others are free, hard to tell with no picces
  11. Its trickey sarah paid £500 on the orginal 100e with 2 years no claims
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