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  1. Good Day Gentlemen. I'm looking for the heater control assembly as per the picture please. Then above the "HOOD" T-Handle is place for a switch, please tell me what the switch is for? If anyone has either the heater controls, or the "HOOD" trim with the space for the switch, or both, and wants to sell, please let me know. Thank you Gentlemen.
  2. Hi all. Is there anyone that can help me with a wiring diagram for a mk5 cortina. Or maybe know where I can find or download one. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Good day all. Is there anyone who can help me with a link or website where I could download a MK2 workshop manual. Thanks.
  4. Witkind001


    Thank you very much. It seem to have sorted out the problem.
  5. Witkind001


    Good day. Is there anyone who can tell me what the letters I and B stand for on the voltage regulator at the back of the instrament panel of a 105E? And how can I test if it work correctly?
  6. Thanks. Will look into that!
  7. Hi to All. I've got a supercharged twincam Motor in my 105E. And I need to do something about the brakes! I've got Escord front suspension with disc brakes and discs on the back Axcel! I would love to get vented discs for the front. Is it possible? Were can I get some? And can I still run 13" rims? Any suggestions, links or even photos will be appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys. Hope I find you well. I need some advice on which shocks to use and how to make it work on the back of my 105E. Should I go for some Coil overs, just plain gas shocks, How do I mount them and what mods I need to make to the body to make it work. If you have any Photo's I would realy like to see what you guys have done. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. For a 105E! Thanks!
  10. Is there any one who can direct me in finding replacement windscreen and window seals. Esp 1/4 window, front screen and door window seals. Thanks!
  11. Hey. Wat se jy nou!! Dis goed om nog 'n Boertjie raak te loop so oor die net! Ja ek het 'n diff vir 'n Anglia gekry wat 'n heel beter ratio is as die een wat ek tans het. Hy le net ongelukkig nog daar! Ek het nie genoeg geld gehad om vir die extra gewig op die vliegtuig te betaal nie! Is daar enige iets wat jy wil he uit engeland uit ek gaan dalk weer in Maart oor? Die Wikind
  12. Odd things like Scale Models, Window and door rubers, and then some engine goodies like a inlet manifold for twin webers. You know, nice to have stuff!
  13. Hi Guys! I am visiting London at the moment all the way from South Africa. I would like to know if their is any nice shops around to find some goodies to take back home for my 105E! I am only here untill Thursday witch does not leave a lot of time, being XMas and all! Any Info would be helpfull! Thanks
  14. Hi! I stay in South Africa. We have a very limmited amount of resourses thats available. Thus we have to improf a lot! I fitted an Escort 1600 Sport front Suspention into my 105E! But the camber and caster is miles out! Is their any way to rectify this? When looking from the front of the car, its bad!! The wheels are litaraly looking like a 'V'! Please Help!!
  15. I Have changed from drums to discs all round on my 105. I need to know what size Master cylinders to run? 1" or 3/4" or 5/8"? Would one cylinder be enough? If I go for the tree pedal option from Milton, Do I need different size cylinders for front and back, and what sizes? Should I stick to the same size for both, and just fit a bias? Should I fit a remote servo/booster, like they have on the old Mini Coopers? Is their any formula to calculate the press. and vol. needed? Please help!
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