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  1. Super job Col,looking really nice to
  2. Hi Jon I will have it if it's a pinto and Not sold? CheeRS
  3. Sold Mexico single prop shaft with small flange and spigot shaft in excellent condition no play in UJ's.collection from Nottingham. Cheers Ash
  4. Hi Karmongrel,do you still have the 45s are they Webber or dellorto? Cheers Ash
  5. Hi Colr6 sounds very interesting how much do you want for the head or all of it? You can pm me price and a contact number please. CheeRS Ash
  6. That's great news there's another few hundred quid to go towards modifications Mines 40 years old in August
  7. Hi Tom do you have a link? How much is it? Cheers
  8. Wanted unleaded pinto 2.0 head with a cam kit and big valves and vernier pulley would be nice. It's going on a 2.1 pinto block with twin 40s. Cheers Ash
  9. Here is a link below http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/181679066341 Good look with sale. Ash
  10. If you look st the drivers side bottom hinge it's been cut off at the top proberbly to help remove door So I think you will need a A piller with hinges on to refit doors. Try ebay or one of the site sponsors. Hope that helps you cheeRS Ash
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