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  1. everytime i came past you were busy so only a quick hello to Jeff really liked that sierra and your car is looking as good as ever shame not on the track though when i have some spare pennies i will deffo be having a few goodies off you
  2. well done Kev and all involed building and running the car
  3. que one behind the other then just ask the people next to you nicely if you can both go as you want to race each other
  4. Yes mate, it is Folville, I used to have a white MK5 V6 tina, i think i spoke to you at abbey park once? yeah i remember that will look out for you at Folville
  5. i really liked that sierra with the HPE stall *hides* also mk1 cortina on our stand dark blue with cossie rims lovely! although ive just remembered there was a cortina P100 that wins hands down
  6. Saturday night got messy by all accounts can you remember saying hello to me
  7. im up for it dont think i went last year though
  8. check the condition of rotor and dizzy cap and plugs if its points dizzy change them and the condensor
  9. Kera has been busy respraying the capri done it all herself really (ive been keeping out the way) just putting it back together ready for the weekend and just fired it up after nearly a month in the garage, think ive woke the village up
  10. Cider!!! none of this beer nonsence
  11. ooooh a local? judging by your avatar pic is that ashby folville? and is yours the mk3 tina with a DOHC ? on topic give it a go! lots of fun and very addictive just make sure you have no fluid leaks
  12. Volvo 242 Roy Achterbosch, Henk Keitz - Volvo 242 Turbo by Ramon Feleüs, on Flickr
  13. there was a hotrod anglia shell on ebay a while back £650 should leave enough change for a volvo turbo donor engine
  14. Mr Sam


    bit late in the planting season is it not, gonna need alot of water
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