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  1. That's tonight people wear your wellies. Not because of the rain , it's for the Ram
  2. Here you go http://www.uk-hotrods.co.uk/Technical/Brakes/Brakes.htm
  3. That's the one. We get all sorts - My Zephyr or Escy for a start (depending on which one has some petrol in it) , a couple of pops (one of which runs sub 10 second quarters), some yank muscle , a Viva that has to be seen to be believed , classic capri some 60`s Vauxhalls , Chevy truck & whatever happens to be passing.There is a Corsair & a couple of 30`s Fords in progress at the moment as well as a Chevy with hydraulics & a few Cobras etc. It's a good place to meet people & swap ideas/parts/skills. This Thursday is the next meet.
  4. Ram rods rod/custom/drag club meet every first Thursday at the Old Orleans on pride park , Derby. You guys would be welcome to come shoot the breeze . 8PM on ,cheers.
  5. Nice job , just needs lowering a little & that 302 dropping in Looks a lot like the Fairmont `wagon that I pulled the V8 out of for my Zephyr.
  6. Paul G


    The Escy does well over 30 on a run. The Zephyr , I don't even want to think about it . Anyway , it's smiles per gallon that count
  7. That's why the gods gave us angle grinders
  8. I have a complete roof from a Fiat with a sliding steel sunroof . I am going to cut it up & scrap it at the weekend but if you want to try to make the sunroof fit yours you are welcome to it.
  9. Paul G

    V8 in a 100e

    The Rover V8 weighs less than the Essex V6 & not much more than a pinto , if memory serves. It is possable to fit the shorter early Rover pump to the later block to make it shorter (or was it the other way around? ) , a friend of mine runs an electric water pump in his rover powered Morris hot rod , making it shorter still. It's the oil pump sticking out of the front that can be a stumbling block on the Rover.
  10. Plenty of room for a small block in a mk3 , once you have moved the handbrake mechanism off of the front cross member. No cutting required , I even got the auto box to change using the origional column shift on mine. Back axle is plenty man enough for a mild tune V8 too. What's wrong with 4 doors anyway
  11. Thanks OHC , I know now to ask the spotty oik in the local motor spares emporium for mk1 bits.
  12. No , I need the ones with a hole at each end , I have the ones with the stud at one end. But the question was about the running gear in general rather than the rear shacks specifically.
  13. Hi Guys, I recently bought a mk2 Estate (which is great) but I could do with some gen on which bits are mk1 & which are mk2. I am told that the body is mk1 from the screen back and the grille is mk2 , making the wings & bonnet unique to the estate/van , which sounds OK. What about the mechanical side? I bought a pair of rear shocks that don't fit , I assume that they are saloon versions.
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