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  1. I think ive got a glovebox in the garage will have a look
  2. I does read that way Khanlad,why make and supply another company when you can keep it in house and make more profit.Guess we will see a new range come out in a couple of months.
  3. Got a pair of standard drum legs complete here in Croydon going cheap.If any good to you?
  4. Ive still got mine here haven't got round to advertising them yet lol might have someone going your way in jan
  5. pm me an email add and I will get some pics sent to you,away this weekend
  6. Cool motor,plenty of wood to burn there and make a new interior
  7. How much are they charging for a piece of black plastic these days? What size is the hole?
  8. I didn't know you drink pints and fart in your girlfriends face like us MEN jo!!
  9. Mk1 escort estate petrol tank,has a hole drilled for a return pipe £30 Mk1 escort estate rear side windows £10 each Mk1 escort estate doors need work £20 each Can take to classic ford show or collect from Croydon pm me email for pics
  10. Ive got a blue threaded one and a can of grey primer spray?
  11. Pair of mk1 escort old ford auto fibreglass front bubble arch wings never fitted £150 (£190 new) Pair of rear fibreglass mk2 escort xpack box arches been fitted and removed, sat for a few years £30 Can take these to classic ford show or collect from Croydon pm me email for pics cheers
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