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  1. Get a train and drive it home ! it is a lovely honest car , just use it as it is no need to mess around with it.
  2. Very sad news R.I.P Mark and Condolences to all his family.
  3. Glad to hear that you are putting it back to standard spec, too many people mod their cars imo. The standard cars in 20 years time will be worth mega money
  4. That reg RS 2000 used to be on a black bentley in west sussex, i posted it up many many moons ago.
  5. That is the bo.llocks mate :whack it: :whack it: :whack it: :whack it:
  6. The smile factor is 100% that's for sure mate, the only worry for me is the mileage you do on a daily basis but good luck and enjoy making new friends EVERY time you stop in it !
  7. I found an old one from classic ford show too... What is it you were saying Pheel ?
  8. I too think you should get another cheaper daily as i don't think you will enjoy the mileage you do in a standard 16E, don't get me wrong fair play to you for going this way it's just you are going to think the Tina is broken when you drive it ! i would suggest a couple of grand daily and use the tina for the odd sunny day commute. When i used mine as a daily bits used to fall off it almost every day lol. the roads are so potholed these days you will be killing the old track rod ends and joints. You may fall out of love with the tina if you use it 24-7 and then there is the security side, you have to be really careful where you park an old car these days. To go through your points in a tongue in cheek round up here goes............. M5 VERSUS CORTINA..... - Amazing performance in full M mode, my car is delimited and therefore technically capable of 204mph (in theory at least). It really is hard to believe the performance in what is essentially a big 4 door saloon. CORTINA..... Different performance ! limited by the 88 bhp engine capable of 98 mph with a tail wind and 100mph down hill. M5... The ride on 'sport setting' far too hard for UK roads so never really used it - The active seats were great (seat bolsters pump up as you go round bends to hold you in the seat, so if you turn hard left, the right seat bolster moves) and I never stopped smiling when using them in 2 years CORTINA..... No sport setting but you could angle grind the springs down. Lowering blocks for £25 The cortina HAS active seats though, they actively sag as you go round a bend till the spring shoots up you arse ! M5.. A couple of minor problems which the dealers were completely inept at fixing CORTINA .... no dealers.. just fix it with a screwdriver and hammer. M5... - Fuel economy isn't great. The on board computer shows that over the last 23,000 miles I have averaged 12.1mpg CORTINA...fuel economy not bad 30 ish mpg round town, on board fuel gauge ( when working ) will go up and down with the hills. M5.. Overall the performance is intoxicating. CORTINA.. overall the performance is annoying . Before i get slated i LOVE cortinas of all types it's just you will be shocked when you drive it, You can modify an old car to get more speed out of it, and the tuning supplies are endless. I t's just where do you stop ? and the point of an old "standard " car is to cruise around taking it easy. I think you should have gone for a mk3 / 4 or 5 tina as they are more modern without being a boring car. They are nice a comfy and you could whack in a Zetec lump and get some good motorway economy and speed..
  9. Well done i used a 1600E as my daily a couple of years back and it was ok, depends how long your commute to work is and the type of road. It is going to feel very slow and old compared to the M5.
  10. This is just my honest opinion i don't know either car or the sellers of them. the Ebay one is a none ford colour, has rostyle wheels, standard dash, sits miles too high, seller is a dealer so it's too much money. the car and classic one looks better, alloys, looks to have more "bits" on it, could have the 16E dash extra gauges, the price is good no dealer mark up I would go for that one myself.
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