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  1. Try ACF50. I've just updated another post with this info. It is great stuff intended for spraying on motorbikes to protect them. Works really well on both metal and alloy. Loads of it on EBay
  2. Try some ACF50. This is designed to be sprayed on motorbikes to keep all the polished surfaces rust free. It is pretty damn good and has a bit rust eater in it aswell so will deal with light surface rust on both metal and alloy. Loads of it listed on EBay.
  3. The Gripper is by far the best of the LSD's and yes, they will set them to what you want. They do 'quiet' plates for the road which keep the noise down. Grippers are also very good for Competition with the correct settings. Please remember that they do not lose their preload like a ZF because of the different plate arrangements. As for quiet, maintenance free use the ATB is very driver friendly. I have built hundreds of Atlas axles over the years ( but don't anymore ! ) and have seen the results in both road and competition so base my comments on practical experience.
  4. Now then Gaz.... Haven't read your thread for a while but the car's looking good! Just about to sample atmo YB power myself Just a couple of thoughts about your shafts. If you can be bothered - slide each shaft out and draw a straight line along the shaft with a paint marker. Then keep an eye on the line - lets say after after major thrashing. You'll find the line will twist a bit to start with, then settle down. If it then starts to twist a LOT, near the inner end, bin the shaft as its about to get expensive. Don't rely on that paint mark. The reason for the quaife flange's coming loose isn't actually anything to do with the nut itself - its the part of the flange where it butts up against the wheel bearing getting mashed over... The flange is a lot softer than the bearing... I'll not bore you with it, but basically the flange can come loose and wobble around WITHOUT the nut moving at all - so from time to time jack the back end of the car up and move the wheel top-to-bottom to check for slack. Wire locking or putting a roll-pin through the nut/shaft won't help - as i say - the nut will probably stay put, its the flange which moves. Good luck anyway....
  5. take it u havnt been 2 belgium, middle of a field during a rally ur find few bar, big ass bbq, pub garage type seating and u got the rally cars 2 entertain u Very true. 2 years ago we retired about 50 yards from this pub, so spent the rest of the day on their balcony, drinking ice cold stella, signing autographs (LOL - seriously - the locals worship rally people) and eating rare horse steaks, all whilst sitting about 6 feet away from some of Europe's finest rally cars/drivers in action... Don't get much better than that.
  6. Yeah, but in the process, he demonstrated some of the finest car control, and some of the most committed, on-the-limit driving you will ever see. As far as i'm concerned, he could break as many cars as he liked! Brand new shells were only a couple hundred quid back then Can't argue with that. Seen it myself - the bark still hasn't grown back fully 10years on. But non of us would be in this game - circuit racers and rally drivers - if we weren't just a little bit deranged? Rallying just takes it to another level. You big wuss. Just off the top of my head, i can think of 2 former circuit racers (Patrick Watts, Ray Belm) who have recently started rallying in the forests and have both said that the buzz you get is miles better than going round in circles. Having said all that, i'm dying to give circuit racing a go. If only you could take a co-driver and use pacenotes. I must admit, i'm not much of a driver. I used to race Karts - and in practice heats i would always just wait on the line for everyone else to bugger off - then i could get down to some serious driving - me, the kart, the track. Never liked the idea of having other karts around you I vote Rallying, by the way. cheers Tom
  7. Nice one Al. About time too. Did you decide to go for bubble arches or not then?? Gary- will those studs in the rear shafts be long enough for the split rims? cheers Tom
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