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  1. when today's IT headache subsides perhaps
  2. Forgot to say the car is in Luton. Sorry Vista!!
  3. been in Capris for nigh 20 years but looking to sell the car as health just ain't letting me play anymore Its a 1983 late S with sunroof and 5 speed box, in Nimbus grey with S stripes and black bonnet. Just a bit of surface rust - no rot. Had an extensive re-build 10 years ago, new front wings, new rear arch, a few patches welded in. Had a respray but, ideally needs stripping and doing again. Had a new clutch, rear axle cover rebuilt, alternator , fitted lowered front springs, single rear leaves, polybushed all around with 2.8 front and rear roll bars.. Engine has an unleaded head,
  4. Appreciate your dilemma but someone is going to get hurt soon.
  5. Never had a bad experience with dodgy bodywork though I did have a stripped thread on a sparkplug hole filled up and re_threaded with that metal putty type filler. POP!
  6. Just found the gov.uk. document for foreign lorry drivers . Definitely states no parking on hard shoulders or sliproads under any circumstances. So get out there and do your job Plod.
  7. Not very reliable then coz there was already 10 of them all broken down and parked up nose to tail
  8. Agree that in the beginning they were foreign vehicles, now the Brits are at it too! They were parked at least 200m from Newport pagnell services this morning - nothing unusual . Tonight they were parked all over J15A next to the services but also all over that dangerous junction.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought no one but no one can park on the hard shoulder of a motorway? I travel 40 miles up the M1 everyday so how come there are HGVs parked up and asleep on the hard shoulders? Have the service stations run out of room or are there too many lorries on our roads? What really worries me is what happens when someone trundling along the motorway falls asleep, gets a blowout, or tries to avoid another vehicle and heads for the hard shoulders full of vehicles? Gonna be an awful mess.
  10. Saw the news tonight where the Mayor of London is seriously talking about expanding the Congestion zone for London out to the North and South Circular roads. If he does that then can't see much future for the Ace Cafe or their special events. Apparently only environmentally friendly vehicles going to be allowed inside the zone. Don't think that includes my Capri for starters.
  11. Be interested in a body shop in the area as my Capri needs a rub down and respray sometime soon.
  12. crapichris

    Force India

    Too expensive for me, maybe not others
  13. Went to the doctors tonight to see a bout this cough I have had for 3 weeks. Young bloke opposite me was running you tube (or whatever you younguns use these days). He was playing them at full volume, some of the language was a wee bit colourful for a waiting room so I asked him to either turn it down or use an earphone. All I got back was abuse and threats. Then tried to tell me I looked like a tramp ( I had just rushed home, thrown on a track suit and zoomed up the doctors _ what did he expect a 3 piece DJ???). Then stated his jacket was worth more than my life!!! Cheeky b#gger. When I laug
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