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  1. Good choice I got them converted for mine and told them for fast road use Car is spot on and I'll be getting my rs done as soon as funds allow
  2. I've had a few different gaskets on the car over the years but the best was a one piece item that I bought apparently used on formula fords ,it came from EBay but no longer seems to be available Does anyone know where I could get one ? The last one resembled being made from a 3mm lead like material Thanks
  3. I've seen posts on the Rallyesportescort site saying how bad they are
  4. Can you give me a price including post to Fk41pn for the 4-1 manifold plz Thanks Bill
  5. Best gasket I had was a one piece number that looked like lead from a roof It lasted for a while but alas it blew after a bit of enthusiastic driving
  6. I'll be going but I would take a Ford if there were a stand
  7. Is there a stand there this year ?
  8. Welcome along No fear of the spanners then
  9. I done the lakes tour in the car at the weekend First run out and the only complaint is no speedo or temp gauge and a noisy bearing at the rear at 70 ish
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