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  1. hi guys, Im looking for someone that can make me a new sig pic please. cheeRS in advance
  2. hi guys, as title says, im looking for a mk2 capri grill please. cheeRS in advance
  3. Anymore news on the pinto engines for the 1:18 models at all?
  4. hi guys, are the t-shirts still available at all? i bought one 3 years ago and its abit small now lol, i had the one with posse escort silhouette..cheeRS
  5. Id also like one if there is any spare guys, pretty please
  6. I think it had a fair bit of work on it but glad to see a classic back on the road
  7. Anyone got any pics of that sierra? i think its a mk1 2.3 ghia...if so someone i know restored it and sold it
  8. Malcom your car sounded lovely when you left the petrol station ....me and the mrs were off to Bristol and on the way up saw 2 camaros a pontiac gto i think and a hemi cuda
  9. Hi guys and gals, im looking for my old mk2 escort as id love to see pics of it and what she is like now, i know she is still on the road too which is great. any help greatly appreciated cheeRS
  10. Just a thought on how people are mad about old fords and what extremes they will go to to show it....i will go first, me and the mrs have just painted our porch signal green, our bathroom signal orange, our kitchen is signal yellow and our hallway is a baby blue colour....soon we will have 3 escort pics on canvas' in our hallway
  11. hi guys, im selling my rare 1:64 model fire engines. they are extremely detailed and have been in my cabinet. if anyone is interested i will upload pics. cheers
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