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  1. If theres plenty of space above the radiator can you not just lift the radiator up, and agree as it is there is air in the current system..
  2. But in a light car with a ton of cast iron up front wouldnt think they are needed, didnt ford use smaller drums on the rs2000..
  3. But i dont think ev,s charge up in 5 minutes, something i was reading about the other day was i think 4 hours for a 80 % charge, not much good on a long journey. And as we probably all know if this country ceased to exist it would have no noticeable effect on world emissions, yet we are being forced into ev,s ..
  4. Pretty sure the 1300gt i had about 35 years ago had the smaller p14 calipers, which i replaced with the struts and larger p16 calipers from my rusty mexico,, but memories do get distorted.
  5. I bought a pair of original princess calipers years ago, never weighed them but they were so heavy, ( felt heavier than my spaced m16 calipers) quickly sold them on..
  6. Seen this car on various forums over the years, and i like the latest series on the tube. Its real down to earth stuff.
  7. I think he must get reported because suddenly they dissapear from sale, then pop up again under a different user name, does various cars but the ones i notice are ford anglias and mk1 golfs.
  8. Yeah its a scam, been doing it a while on various cars, ebay gets rid of them and hes straight back under a different name. You can tell its him because they have a rather odd price..
  9. Fast back model, i remember back in the 1970,s someone i knew bought a brand new skoda, while looking around it i noticed you could see the road through the gap between the sill and bottom of the door.. Excellent quality control.
  10. Thats the bit of the show that always annoyed me, even when he sells the cars back to their original owners..
  11. Had a 1300 gt 35 odd years ago, had non flared wings, normal strut tops and black rear panel.. (oh and absolutely no rust)
  12. Assume you mean ther 6r4 but with twin turbos i believe
  13. Not watched top gear regularly for a few years now, even with the 3 good presenters, i find racing an aeroplane, boat, modern train, mountain climber etc pretty boring and nothing to do with cars really, which is what i watch it for.
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