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  1. Fast back model, i remember back in the 1970,s someone i knew bought a brand new skoda, while looking around it i noticed you could see the road through the gap between the sill and bottom of the door.. Excellent quality control.
  2. Thats the bit of the show that always annoyed me, even when he sells the cars back to their original owners..
  3. Had a 1300 gt 35 odd years ago, had non flared wings, normal strut tops and black rear panel.. (oh and absolutely no rust)
  4. Assume you mean ther 6r4 but with twin turbos i believe
  5. Not watched top gear regularly for a few years now, even with the 3 good presenters, i find racing an aeroplane, boat, modern train, mountain climber etc pretty boring and nothing to do with cars really, which is what i watch it for.
  6. Thanks for that i did try looking myself at old stuff.
  7. Thats the problem, i cannot remember anything about the sale, at the time i just wanted rid, but now youve said that you could be right. A few details as it was at the time, 5 linked rear escort axle with badly welded in link box,s, spare wheel holder was cut in half, 2 ltr fiat twin cam engine and 5 speed box, escort front suspension, new revolution wheels / tyres but i do seem to remember seeing those advertised for sale..
  8. Bought this in 1987, think it came with a 1300, which i swapped for a 1600, sold it in the early 90,s by which time it had a full f/glass front, does it survive.
  9. Does anyone know this car, think i advertised / sold it on this site about 9 years ago, would potentially like to buy it back.
  10. Attempted to fit a pair 40 odd years ago, because they were thicker than a steel wing found it impossible to fit them nicely where they meet the door.
  11. selection of road tests of va