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  1. Darran

    Heater Matrix

    Just seen this was last year!! lol
  2. Darran

    Heater Matrix

    Hi, Feltham rads will be able to recore your old one. cheers Darran
  3. Darran


    Hi, if you still need these we have some inner clips,thanks Darran
  4. sorry can't help with that clip this week,thanks Darran
  5. Darran


    Door cards clips?
  6. Darran


    Text me later today mate i'll have a look,i have some for sure.
  7. We have a perfect petrol tank in stock. Painted grey,,ready for a show car if interested. Based near Horsham. cheers Darran 07733280190
  8. We have a Piper 300 new with followers for sale.
  9. Darran

    Mk2 bonnett

    Hi, if you still need one we have a couple in stock. cheers
  10. Darran

    4.1 CWP

    Hi, sorry not this week,cheers
  11. Yes we have these in stock cheers Darran 07733280190
  12. Darran


    Hi, We may have 1,give us a ring/text. cheers Darran 07733280190
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