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  1. Throught it was about time i posted a thread on my mexico. I few of you will remember the mexico from a few years back. First brought it in 1993 as a wreck. Went through a few changes up to its current state I sold it at Ford Fair 2002,it went to Ireland and sat unused for 6 years. I was then lucky enough to have it offered back to me in october 2008. After rushing over to Ireland to fetch it back,with a bin bag of cash!! I have spent the last year bringing if up to the mechanical standard i wanted in 2009. Will upload more pictures cheers Darran
  2. Darran

    Heater Matrix

    Just seen this was last year!! lol
  3. Darran

    Heater Matrix

    Hi, Feltham rads will be able to recore your old one. cheers Darran
  4. Darran


    Hi, if you still need these we have some inner clips,thanks Darran
  5. Darran

    Headlining Clips

    sorry can't help with that clip this week,thanks Darran
  6. Darran


    Door cards clips?
  7. Darran


    Text me later today mate i'll have a look,i have some for sure.
  8. Darran

    Wanted Escort mk 1 saloon fuel tank

    We have a perfect petrol tank in stock. Painted grey,,ready for a show car if interested. Based near Horsham. cheers Darran 07733280190
  9. Darran


    We have a Piper 300 new with followers for sale.
  10. Darran

    Mk2 bonnett

    Hi, if you still need one we have a couple in stock. cheers
  11. Darran

    4.1 CWP

    Hi, sorry not this week,cheers
  12. Darran

    RS2000 / Capri front hub assembly

    Yes we have these in stock cheers Darran 07733280190
  13. Darran


    Hi, We may have 1,give us a ring/text. cheers Darran 07733280190
  14. Darran

    Looking for a Mk1 pedal box ;-)

    We also have 1 in stock.
  15. Darran

    Xflow alternator mounting bracket

    We have these in stock £15 cheers Darran
  16. Darran

    diff wanted 3.7 or a 3.5

    Hi, We have a good standard 3:54 diff all complete £275 cheers
  17. Darran

    capri wanted

    We have a mk3 1.6 in silver Its a project,,,but not too bad! £1250
  18. Darran

    Mk2 cortina

    Hi, we have a pattern rear valance in stock £120 thanks Darran 07733280190
  19. Darran

    1300 Crossflow Conrods

    Hi, we have a set £40 cheers Darran
  20. Darran

    Wanted 711m ba 1600 xflow block

    Hi, We have a few in stock,what bore size are you after in mm?? cheers Darran
  21. Hi, We have a couple in stock, best is £75 almost new. cheers Darran 07733280190
  22. Darran

    Tranx 4:1 LSD.

    Complete unit ready to fit. 4:1 English diff on a large flange. Almost new Tranx Plate lsd. £500. Cash on collection only please.
  23. Darran

    Mk2 escort brake adjuster

    Hi,sorry no loose parts in stock,only a complete rear set up.. cheers Darran