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  1. Got to admit, my politics are too left wing.to like anything about Margaret Thatcher. I am a Trade Unionist, and she strangled the rights of the working man to protest about unfair behaviour. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though...
  2. Baz's son watched my wife getting dressed a long while back, and didn't know what a bra was called, so after a bit of thought, said "booby pants". He still calls them that now!
  3. Hope this isn't a repost... www.howmanyleft.co.uk
  4. http://www.419eater.com/ I love this site, takes some reading but some are hilarious
  5. Just got back from Florida and the Yanks are complaining that their fuel is now $3.50 a gallon, now I know their gallons are smaller than ours, but even so... cost less than $30 to fill up our Hyundai Accent hire car.
  6. Wouldn't it still need a sealer such as Unibond, or the resin floor paint would stick to the dust and not the floor? Unibond can be watered down and sprayed on with a garden spray or something similar, 50/50 mix, give the floor a good sweep, 3 coats (2 might be eniough) of unibond with a drying off period in between, then floor paint. Job's a good 'un.
  7. Moved from Brighton to Derby 15 years ago, never regretted it at all. My wife has probably more friends here now than she had 'down south' and time with family when we go back is mare quality. I say pursuade your wife to move if you can, I understand her reservations, but it's not really bad at all.
  8. Yes !! I have the Norton Virus !! I'll uninstall it and see how we go. Cheers for the info Steve I have bought 2 x 1gb memeroy stick things to replace the 768mb I have now, hopefully that may help a bit too. I understand that if you have a 256 and a 512 memory, it will not use the 256 at all. Is that right? The processor only recognises 256, 512 etc, not 'wrong' sizes like 768?
  9. I feel for you mate, you should be fooking proud of yourself!
  10. D'oh! lol http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3318374/LIVERPOOL-fan-Shaun-McCormack-has-changed-his-name-to-Fernando-Torres.html
  11. You not like her then, Jim? I certainly prefer looking at her to Jeremy, James, Tiff etc etc
  12. Smudger105e

    Rihanna .....

    Does it rhyme with Tom Kite?
  13. Smudger105e


    Oi Trev, I am from Brighton, was born there, what you trying to say? lmao
  14. Happy Birthday for 2012 - see I'm never late! x
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