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  1. I have a Sierra at the link thats mot'd http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/82606-its-not-osf-but-wondered-if-anyone-was-interested-in-my-sierra/&do=findComment&comment=924384
  2. For sale is my ford capri C reg 1600 laser with 2.0 pinto high lift cam engine. No MOT as car is not insured and sorn. cant see anything that should stop it going through though so would ve willing to get it done if necessary. Its not immaculate but is a very nice car and is very solid underneath. Im sad to see it go but cannot keep it with my other projects. Also comes with 2 spare doors and a boot lid may also have some other parts avaliable. I am open to sensible offers with or without the spares.07955705000 £3699
  3. Im Open to sensible offers I have it for sale elsewhere for £1800 but dont expect to get that for it
  4. http://www.friday-ad.co.uk/uckfield/cars/ford-sierra-1992-14768929/#.VoF1_3-xNXU.email
  5. My dad is thinking of fitting fiberglass front wings to his his anglia to save on replacements has anyone bought some? Or Can anyone vouch for a good quality supplier? I see old Fords autos sell them and they have been good for parts in the past but just wanted an opinion first if anyone has one!
  6. Sorry all running gear and engine bits are gone
  7. personally i wouldn't buy either but that is due to the fact i like to be individual! there are alot of very nice mk1 escorts out there that have come from 1100 or 1300's and alot of them can be bought for alot less money, they can still look the same and have the same engine and put a big smile on your face surely thats all that matters? but i do prefer the look of the mexico and sound wise there both awesome.
  8. just seen its been over a year since I last post on here! just shows how my capri issues have got in the way frustrating. it is getting there slowly but have had a capri to strip and another to rebuild so not much has happened the ball will start rolling on the escort again very shortly!
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