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  1. cost of mega jolt compaired to a home made mount / wiring?
  2. they dont make a coil pack for c20let
  3. is there any one who makes a mount for the 1.8 manta dizzy to the front of a red top ?
  4. what do you think that a good type 9 would take?
  5. i know about the t 5 but i asked about the type 9 (i have my reasons lol)
  6. as above looking advice here really originally the box came from a 1.6 capri laser dont wanna change the way the input is or the out put shaft to be honest i dont wanna change the size of the gear box either but i am looking to put around 300 bhp threw 1
  7. as above are they worth doing got a 96 ish 1.6 16v escort traded in today was gonna weight it in only i thought i could use the engine in something light and rwd like a mk1 escort does any one make the adaptor to go to a type 9 ? for a 1.6 are they the same stud pattern as a 2.0 ? whats the engine wiring like as well ?
  8. i know this thread was brought about by my myself advertizing my brothers capri as stated above cars in northern ireland go for silly money i think you should look at this b4 you judge me http://www.jon44w.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?tid=138621
  9. you guys dunno how lucky and spoilt for choice you are try buying a road worthy classic of any type here in northern ireland they want stupid money we are only a few miles away and most are english cars brought over here but thats the thing with classics you sell it today they are worth more tomorrow also i blame the big drifting fad for rwd cars holding there price in general a few years ago people where givin away serrias now they 2 are getting stupid money here wanna make some money bring clean classics to northern ireland
  10. cheers for the reply now just to talk him in to welding the diff 2
  11. i ment any one else care to answer the above questions
  12. thats why i stay in the house lol but come on you cant tell me you would get that minter of him then go to track days ect in it?
  13. but you take her out some twat in a x5 could rear end it
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