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  1. Rebuild the pinto. Cheapest option. Had a zetec in my mk2. Sounded ok. Reved well but shit torque and felt flat/slow unroll around 5000 when the cams really made noticeable power. A good pinto head with hotrod cam and some 45's will be cheaper and make it feel lively. Balanced bottom end. Decent rods and lightened pitons. Job done
  2. Been doing some research on my car and found out the 'AA in my registration means it came from Salisbury in 1974. Anyone know of the dealers in that area? I'm after making some dealer stick for the rear window. Would like an actual ford dealer name even if it's no longer with us. Any one have a dealer list or know of a main dealer in that area during the '70's?
  3. As little as I could. They rot like fook under the sill covers and filler necks. Plus anything that's in between the from and rear badges. A proper look underneath is needed. Early zetec usually burn out their exhaust valves. Ford did modified valves, retainers. Tappets and pressure relief. If starting from cold it sounds like it has a flat or low battery when it starts that usually the first sign of trouble. Plastic cambelt tensioners are troublesome too. I don't like them but say around £1000 is fair if all is good.
  4. Yes. I have one from oldfordautos and it's pretty damn well made and has all internals in place. Even all threads to mount to hinges
  5. I had same problem with mine. Passengers fitted ok and with a bit of tweaking would have been ok. Drivers was a different story. That's why I went with fibreglass in the end. The overal fit is much better as is easier to add or remove what's needed. And no rust. Was going to bolt the wings on anyway. Shame really as apart from the issues with drivers one they were a good quality wing. But NoS drivers wings always have a bad fit. Even ford ones.
  6. dont know whats with your silver top but my black top kit car goes like sh*t off a stick Every tuned one I been in was shit. Only Liam's mk1 zetec tina went well but that cheated with a hair dryer. Sold it and been sorting the body on my mk1 escort. Which will be using a 2.2 NA YB on 50's
  7. My silver top had lightened and balanced crank. Which was knife edged. 4-1 manifold. Weber alpha and 45's with a set of rally cams and that made 180bhp. £1000 head and valve work too. Low geared as it was a hill climb car
  8. cant see that being too much effort getting near that my black top in the kit car is completely standard apart from 45's an a 4 branch an produces 175bhp Really? How's that? What rolling road/dyno? Ford couldn't manage to do that with the ST170 ,which is a country mile short of 170! My mk2 had a sliver top and was ment to be running 180bhp. It was a hillclimb car. Single seat. Light weight. Etc. was as slow as anything. Raced my mate back home in a BMW E30 cab and his tired 325i pissed over me,and I mean pissed over me. His car had 10 brake less and near half a tonne extra to carry
  9. The compomotive th turbo style wheels would look good and be different.
  10. A long while ago there was a selection of old oval racing pictures in rides past a present of hot rods,stock cars and bangers from early 60's and 70's. Was talking to my mate who races hotrods and his dad used to race seriously during that period,showed me an old photo or 2 of his Anglia and brand new mk1 escort shell that he raced. Been looking for ages but can't remember who posted them. Anyone have any old oval pictures or remember the post ? Used to race Wimbledon and loads of other tracks. At one point even had Dees of croydon on the side of his car
  11. Rubbish. When webers,dellortos,bike carbs are set up they should remain balanced. Anything mechanical like tappers and carbs need periodic adjustments. Throttle bodies also require balancing every so often. Bikes are too small. 250cc chambers verses 500cc chambers. Why do you think ford went to 44mm down draughts for the grp1 rs2000. That's the smallest they felt the pinto needed.
  12. You need webers. Bike carbs are too small. Look at all the real quick engines from wpe,Ashton, HPE etc and they all have webers. Bike carbs are cheaper, but people have realised and they're slowly getting exspensive. Biggest size you can get with an accelerator pump and direct pull slides. FCR carbs would be good but expensive
  13. Bolt them on like I am. I got some thread inserts and some smart countersunk bolts and matching domed washers.
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