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  1. learning from talents OLD AND NEW?! dont let the old man see that! learn fast!! there is a fiesta on the way! oh an a pinto to rebuild!! this is if there is enough mig wire in the south west for the rest of yours!!!
  2. lookin goood!! the burnout performed in a closed private circuit of course?!
  3. cant help but notice there is no mention of the mug who has been landed with the task!!! i remember taping my car together, tryin to renew the hope it will soon look like that!!
  4. it was bearly a track more a collection of mud between trees! nearly got the fiesta stuck on the way to him!! its all in the name of fun!!!!
  5. hey im the owner of above mini! not a traitor or anythin though, i got a shed of a fiesta mk2 i just desided to keep/ maybe rear wheel drive. thanks for the praise on the mini tho!!!
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