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  1. Look like lotus steel wheels to me, I'm after another set of these if your looking to sell
  2. I don't think you will get one anywere mate, I've been trying for a while
  3. Look on retroford.co.uk he sells some stainless cups for 50mm rubbers looks smart and work well, that's what I've used
  4. I've got a pair of weller wheels and the caps don't stay on the lugs they've fitted. Have you tried yours yet?
  5. My car was ment to be featured in Decembers issue, still not seen, or heard why they pulled it out, wasn't impressed after telling my work colleagues to buy it as my car was ment to be in it
  6. Are they still around? Been trying to get hold of glen for a while about some work that needs doing in my car but no joy. Can't find there Retards Club page anymore or there page on hear? Cheers nik
  7. I still use these on my 50's you just grind a flat edge on the metal cups so they slide on against the carb
  8. I thought it was a good watch, better then I was expecting, and I see my car in the background at the greyhound
  9. Ok cheers mate, any idea were to get them?
  10. Hi guys, I'm after a set of slicks for my mk1 escort, Haven't a clue what size I need apart from 13". I run standard lotus steels Can anyone recommend what size I need and were to get them from, can't find much on the net were to but them. Seen a few pairs on eBay but all listed as track day slicks, Cheers nik
  11. To be fair on mine it wasn't much work, slides straight onto my manifold, then pretty much a straight pipe all the way back with a kick up to follow the floor and one back box
  12. As above done a good job on my escort, wasn't in there two hours. Wasn't the happiest of chaps but I've heard he can be a bit like that, his works good though
  13. Were is this picture from? I tried to buy this car in addington last year but It disappeared from were it was sat for ages
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