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  1. of this... Came across this beauty while searching the event reports section. Is the owner on here? Would like to know what axle setup he is running on the back to get those 7.5's tucked under the rear arches?
  2. Any pics of the kit installed?? @Plop Have you got a link??
  3. I seem to remember seeing a bolt on conversion that Milton did so that Gaz adjustable shocks could be used?? Has anyone fitted this conversion? I looked in the catalgue on 105speed.com and can't for the life of me find it? The weld in conversion is there alright but no bolt in? Also, does anybody have any idea where I can get my hands on a pair of these mirrors?
  4. Another one here.... http://www.grp4fabrications.com/product ... cts_id=164
  5. I think that's just the way the photo is taken... but you never know so I'm not committing to a decision yet!! Does anybody have the CF issue it was featured? Maybe they could supply a scan for more info if it wasn't too much trouble???
  6. Thanks for the help Tim... Found a bit more on it after I had a closer look at the CF pics from 2006! A guy called Nigel Baker drives it in the All Circuit Sprint Champrionship It now has an ST170 lump powering those back wheels! Would I be right in saying that it looks as if it's running 13x9 ML's? Had a look for the CF mag in which it was featured! I had it because I remember seeing it before --> But as usual.. I can't find it!
  7. Came across these pics on my travels recently but of course when I went back to find out more --> I can't for the life of me remember where I found them? Can anybody shine a light? Is the owner a member on here or any other forum where there might be more info? I'm presuming it's a replica... but done to a very nice standard! Any info or more pics are very much appreciated!! CheeRS lads!
  8. Cheers Tim... Having thoughts...
  9. Anybody have any more info on this... build thread etc. Cheers!
  10. Actually come to think of it... that may be the smaller 3" version?? I think Baz has it one on his green Mexico!
  11. http://www.grp4fabrications.com/product ... cts_id=146
  12. The question that's always asked! What colour orange is that?
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