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  1. I had the exact same problem when I was running a pinto on this carb, just crap in the jets, take the top of the carb off, don't have to take the whole thing off I think from memory and whip the jets out one at a time so you don't mix up what goes where and blast straight throgh them with carb cleaner and hey presto its back up again. Did you have slight backfire when you let off when driving too? All sorted for me after cleaning them out.
  2. Was going to add to my old thread I started ages and ages ago but I don't think I'll stand a chance of finding it now so I'll start fresh! My 1.6 calypso turned 2l injection and now on its way to becoming a 2.9 cosworth capri. I'll start with a load of pics, got the capri in this state then to this! then bored of the 1.6 so in with the 2l uprated to bilsteins and vented discs etc then it was engine out again and now she looks like this! coilovers and bmw headlights to come while I start saving for a new engine now i've sold the old one. Time to start stripping the engine bay I think, more interesting photo's to follow
  3. sorry bout the delay guys, been busy and the internet has decided to go at snails pace, anyway here's the pics There we go, enjoy
  4. I'll be there, missed the last few
  5. Was a good old drive out to the meet, think the post office you were talkin bout would be good to meet at though, will definitely be along to the next one. Here's the vid of you booting it down the road in the van Can you send the pics of the beetle to my mate please so I can force him to buy it, lol.
  6. I reckon I'll be there as I managed to get the day off, what are the rough numbers?
  7. Just fitted a kenlowe fan that my mate had going spare which seems to work well just need to make the brackets a bit better and on to a winner. Ordering sensors from pages as my old engine has been taken by a scrap man, don't need to connect any wires to the tacho as that all works fine. Do I need to have the oil pressure sensor connected to the ecu or can I disconnect it so I can put the pressure type from the 1.6 on instead of the electrican one? Have a K&N that is for a sierra but need to sort out where to put it as a bend would hit the battery unlike in your escy john. Here's a vid of when I got it running on sunday, backfires a bit but hey its all good. When and where is the next northern meet and I'll try to make it.
  8. well got it running on saturday night thanks to john pointing out I plumbed it in wrong. Runs well just need a fan now and where is the best place to mount the air filter as I don't really want to relocate the battery as you can see there isn't much room after the air flow meter. Plus will the temperature sender will be ok with my gauges as it doesn't go up much but the pipes get really hot.
  9. sounds like I've been a very special boy yesterday then. will swap em round and hope it works. IO just assumed it went in the regulator 1st, you'd never guess I've never swapped an engine before. cheers john, will let u know how it goes
  10. Hi guys, was working hard today fitting a fuel line and swapping tanks over, would of been more enjoyable if I wasn't crawling around on the floor but hey. Snapped the fuel tank bolts that secure the strap in despite using a shed load of multi lube to help as you can see below. My straps need replacing soon I tink as one is nearly rusted through but as a temporary replacement for the bolts I just used some threaded bar and a few nuts and washers as you can see, I'm sure like most temporary fixes it will become a permanent feature. Now started to wire all the ecu in, which was easy just a load of earths and a few positives to the battery, I know the ecu works as it powers up the fuel pump etc, I know I'm getting a spark as I checked all this but she won't start. I know fuel is getting there as there was a lot of pressure as I slowly undid the fuel hose from the bottom of the regulator, but there is no fuel going through the rail as nothing comes out the return. Possibly a dodgy fuel pressure regulator? Or does anyone have any other ideas of why my engine is not getting any fuel. Any help would be very grateful guys, I just wanna get her back on the road and I'm so close, always the case. Cheers
  11. just running the standard 1.6 diff, I'm on a very tight budget until i find a proper job, straight out of uni you see
  12. Here's how my 2l injection conversion is going from my 1.6, plus suspension and brakes done up. pic of the old engine I fitted with a weber carb, check out my water tap bodge after I snapped a bit off the inlet manifold by accident, looks dodgy but worked well for over a year. got a bit bored while collecting parts for fitting injection so stripped out the whole car all looked good untill I found this rusted patch brakes fitted with bilsteins and lowered springs and all parts ready for injection now Out with the old Ready for the new Found the easiest way to mate the gear box up with the engine along with an hour of jacking up and down the gearbox and raising and lowering the engine was just to sit in the engine bay fitted and ready to be wired in , just need to fit the fuel tank, fuel lines, wiring loom and slap my manifold back on, if only I didn't have to go to work!
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