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  1. Hi Chaps, bit of a late reply owing to ( life get's in the way ) Well done chaps for sorting out the stand again, hopefully be back out and about in 2020 Hope you all enjoy the Christmas Holiday , take care and be safe Gary xx
  2. OK...OK... I can take a hint, all sorted now 😍
  3. Will do m8 But for now it's rear off again for a good check...
  4. The Man With No Name... You still make me laugh m8.. yes that's the chap, he wanted to run the stand at the NEC as I am not doing that show again. but I have no number on him !
  5. Hi Ray. Hope all is well buddy.. Do you have a number on Stevens_xpack.. The chap who showed with us at the NEC .. White capri......
  6. Had a check yesterday.... Shaft looks ok. needs new bearings. front spring hanger slight damage ( sort that out with some heat and a hammer ) and a new disc..... n/s rims centre and tyre are scrap .. How the tyre managed to pop out without taking the wing with is beyond me.... Copper told me to stop moaning about the motor and to be thank full.. when asking me the speed I was doing, I said 55mph . he lent over and told me not to talk Boll--ks.... ( ok 72mph ) as the marks on the road tell a different story... so now while it's back in the shed.. a few more job's shall be done.
  7. You just had to mention the Jack's.... Didn't ya still not sorted them out yet.. Buy the way my new pot's turned up on Saturday... very nice
  8. Ok.. we all forget to check thing's... or is it just me ! Coming home from a great day out at southend... just stopped before the sign
  9. Anyone got his number please........ His e-mail address is sh-t
  10. Southwest..... What meet is this !!
  11. Oh... Well now we know where the Trophy went lol lol...
  12. Well what can I say... I had a Excellent day Great to get out again and have a laugh of which most was at my own expense as when changing my pants early Sunday morning when the van door decided to open... ooooh dear... She did smile, but come on it was a bit chilly .. Good to meet some members for the first time, and I must say ( although this does hurt ) enjoyed the Piss taking with our northern brethren , ( mostly Col )made my day No sorry that's a lie.. The best bit was running around with the Trophy in front a rival club Oh .. come on you can't hit a Pensioner...or can you. And a big thank you to COL who seemed to think it was funny pushing an old man forward to speak to the crowd.. Well I did my best not to Dribble in front of the camera.. how did I do !! We had a great stand with an excellent range of motors. and that's what attracted me to OSF in the first place. We are all different , with different styles and ideas... Excellent A round of Applause for all who attended.. Roll on Silverstone
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