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  1. NOW £ 360, 07841392565
  2. i had to heads in this package. now sold 1. ignore ebay it didnt sell for 300 quid that was my doing as i set no reserve, i will take £ 450 for the lot ( still can supply a head for the 1660 block}
  3. it is now on ebay wiv pics, will look after u lot. if any intresd off here i will pull it,
  4. im based in kent & open to offers OVER 1000000 lol
  5. ive got a 7 11 m xflow complete with a standard gear box if needed, along side this i have a 1660 block that i had done about 10 years ago , along side a ballanced crank fly wheel etc, new plus 60 pocketed pistons bearings shells etc i paid £500 to have this work done years ago. it is bear componants sprayed in greace & left, thus they are not perfect anymore signs of rust spots throw the greace etc, the pistons havant left their boxes since being machined but the damp has started on the gudgin pins.i think the whole package is a great starting point for a fast road biuld & im sure mos
  6. er no 1 will ever speak to me again..................
  7. ok 20 pinto on 48s using one of them moody gadgets that replace points. fresh petrol, got spark, got wet plugs, dizzy cap ok rotor seems ok, changed plugs, got plenty of fuel getting to carbs. had new coil last year, it turns over fires for a split second & dies. maybe the sparks week or the jets are playing up in carbs , or that gadget things Fu*ked or the coil is new but shit or im putting the key in the ashtray & not the ignition lol. any help or advice would be great peeps.
  8. men lost their lives in battle earning the right for vote for all, if only they new the options facing the people of the future was. currupt dishonest self obsessed *%$ts, that are puppets to backhandering gangs, maybe they may never of laid their life on the line, makes me sick, i dont vote,, becouse i dont see the point, theirs not enough diffrance bettween em, but what people went though to get me the vote gutts me every time, ........let the forigners in i love em.............
  9. stu


    lads that looks the tits. uve got to love that look. u lot need showing the way...............
  10. install. any one no of a place to use in the southeast ive just got hold of a oldskool glass unit from the 80,s wanna put in me cortina for the back in the day vibe also autoplas window louvure for me rs keep missing em on ebay any one help?
  11. stu

    fairy liquid

    can you use it for anything eles? can u top ur oil up wiv it ... if u smear it on ur roof can u shave seconds off ur strip times, any info would be great,,,,,,,
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