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  1. Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a paint shop in the south London area, my paint has cracked (again) and it's on wedding duty in March. Obviously I know 'reasonable' rates are hard to call on a respray but if anyone has had excellent results and the place was Oldskoolford friendly, it's a good place to start looking. Many thanks
  2. I thought they were, but only place I could find on the 'bay and they seemed a bit pricey for what they are. Cheers for the link, they're loads cheaper.
  3. Looking for a flasher unit for 1.3 mk2 escort ghia. It's the three pin variety, not sure if the 4 pin one will fit. Anyone got one lying around? Cheers
  4. I'd be interested. Been thinking about it for a while.
  5. Evening all, Last August I got married and used my escort as the wedding car. I've owned it 10 years and my now wife has suffered the 'joy' of many a breakdown in it. There were some amazing photos of the day but thought I'd share my favourite. Ps: for the record, it was staged!
  6. As it says really. Does anyone know of/ can recommend one in south west london area? Cheers
  7. Evening all Looking for the back rest of a rear seat for a mk2 escort. It's the dark chocolate brown ghia interior, current one is ripped. Cheers Rich
  8. Morning all, Love the site as it is, one really geeky idea which might only amuse me, is a "guess the car from the part" bit, where you take a picture of the most obscure part of your car and see if anyone can guess the model!!! They don't win anything, just the assurance that they need to get out more. Other than that fairly feeble suggestion, the site is ace. cheers.
  9. Thanks guys, turns out it was bigger than a crack and couldn't drive it so got it done somewhere near work.
  10. Evening all Can anyone recommend a garage in the south London area. Need to get a weld done on the exhaust of my daily. Don't think it's a massive job as I only put it on 3 months ago, it seems to have cracked around a weld, rather than rotted. If anyone knows of a good one, I'd be grateful. Cheers
  11. No I haven't. Will have a look, cheers mate.
  12. Evening all Having a right nightmare with me escort. It's a 1300 and I recently fitted an electronic ignition, with a new coil. Anyway, had loads of starting issues and realised the coil was a ballast coil? So fitted a new old coil but kept the elec ignition in, now however when the battery is charged, everything connected up the starter motor 'clicks' and the battery is flattened instantly. This has happened twice now. I'm a bit useless at the electric side of things, only just worked out the ballast coil thing,and had a look at the wiring diagram in the manual, but it's starting to mess with my mind!!! Has anyone got any ideas what it could be, the starter motor doesn't spin, but I have dash lights up before I turn the key, then nothing. If anyone's got any ideas, would be very grateful. Cheers all
  13. a decent sealant for going around the float attachment where it screws into the petrol tank. The rubber ring that is on there isn't doing the job and everything else the petrol just softens. Thanks in advance Rich
  14. Hi all, Just a quickie, anyone know what kind of webber carb was fitted to the mk2 1300 ghia. The id tab has broken off and I need to get a new gasket set. cheers rich
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