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  1. I bolted it to the inner wing on my cortina
  2. lead foot

    Late nights

    Plenty of people like that
  3. lead foot

    Late nights

    Yep I'm still up aswell !
  4. lead foot

    Late nights

    I find it amazing how many people are still up at this time of night
  5. lead foot


    I'll borrow yours then lol
  6. lead foot


    What does he mean ????? Lol
  7. lead foot


    I want to come and play
  8. lead foot

    What song ....

    Guns and roses , November rain
  9. lead foot


    Why thank you , hope to catch up soon !
  10. lead foot


    Hiya malc hope your well
  11. lead foot


    Lol piss taking as usual terry
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