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  1. another great issue,well pleased with the write up and pics in the feature of my mk3
  2. remember street machine done it a few years back,a mk1 cortina was featured,The Dole Money Cruiser,if i mind right
  3. changed the rims one of the engine bay 2.8 with 5 speed box (still to be tidied up)
  4. cheers for the comments guys tombstones out(retrim at a later date) scorpio leather in and doorcards sprayed
  5. paint finished headlining out good used replacement fitted
  6. back in primer first coat of new paint
  7. got the scuttle panel off a member of the bsc,colour has changed again since this pic was taken as the paint was fooked its blue now
  8. then lowered 3", adjustable front shocks,gas rears
  9. how it looked first time round,but paint was fooked
  10. cheers guys few more pics scoop and scuttle panel to be fitted nearside arch replaced some prep pics
  11. local sign writers made em up, took it into them with the motor masked up with what i wanted they done the rest
  12. I think this is the orange one painted if it is its a shame cos it looked the nuts in orange but still looks awsome its the orange one,will post more pics of the resto later,was painted burnt orange before blue but the paint went tits up
  13. how it looked when bought (well after i changed the wheels) how the doors and wings looked wings and doors changed
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