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  1. VERY nicely done job mate! I'm so chuffed the old girl went to someone who's given her the rebuild she deserves. Top man!
  2. Do it John! You know it makes sense! They use 'em in Landies etc. all the time for off-roading, so they got more torque than a torquey thing drowned in a bucket of liquid torque. And they seem to pull the old beasts along at a fair rate of knots on the road to and from...
  3. While the rest are all well tasty, this one's pressing my buttons... Moar pics plz!
  4. How does one get invites to these VAT free days? I needs a new welder...
  5. hot oil down the plugholes.
  6. Guzzis are definitely worth a look. Yes they're italian, but they seem to be sorting the reliability [which was mostly erectrix anyway] out now. Mate's got an old 850 T3 California which he's pushing 150,000 miles on now. Aside from the odd pair of barrels and pistons and I think 2 UJ's only recently, nothing mechanical's ever gone wrong with it. Says he'll let me have a go on it once I'm fully comp on my GPz900. And get the Ahamay! You know you want to! Sod what the missus says. She's already got a bike so can't say sh*t.
  7. Gonzo


    I King hate Twiglets! ...Mainly cuz whenever I start on a packet down the pub I end up spending my King beer money on the buggers until the bar's run out!!!
  8. Poof. I won't repeat all the anti-turbo jibes you slung at me when I was thinking of what motor to drop in my tina. Think you can play those over in your own head. Still won't beat my new bike.
  9. Gonzo


    I got me a standing/unreserved lvl 1 seating ticket for Wembley just now! F*ckin 'ave it!!!! Anyone else got theirs?
  10. Gonzo


    I'll be at a King course til 1-ish tomorrow, so by the time I get home the buggers'll have all gone!
  11. SmokeEm.... you win a cup cake! Its a stage 3 YB, it doesnt get my balls twitching but it will be fast!! Power to pound... you just cant beat the turbo YB!! I cant wait to get it running and i am aiming for March! Woooosh, Tssssssss ! Won't be able to keep up with my new bike though.
  12. He changes engines more regular than I change grundies! Bloody bloke's never happy!
  13. RG, mate, someone's gone and defiled your chest lid with a hardley ableson sticker! Don't worry, I'll sort 'em out for ya when I find 'em.
  14. Those new coco pops adverts get right up my f*cking 'ootah! Hippos poncing about in a hot tub? Cavemen smacking each other over the head?!!! IN WHAT F*CKING WAY DOES THAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH F*CKING CEREAL?!!!
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