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  1. It was taken from Romsey, near Southampton
  2. It's got a 2.1 Pinto & 5 speed box fitted, I don't know any of the numbers however (other than the reg which is visible in that photo). The engine is also quite distinctive - it's painted the same shade of purple as the shell. There's no carpets, as they were removed due to a leak around the windscreen. It's also got a couple of patches of primer on the bootlid and NSR door. more photos (taken when it was bought in dec '05)
  3. My Housemate's Mk1 Escort was stolen last night It's a pretty obvious car, as you can see from the photo . If anyone sees anything, please contact Susan on ugm7sb@yahoo.co.uk or 023 8077 9725 Please pass this on to everyone you can think of. Thanks, Nick
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