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  1. Like these, 185x60x13 on 7x13 steels although mine are fitted to a MK2 Corrina.
  2. Thanks, most of my running issues were caused by a bad fuel tank. Once I got that sorted all has been ok since. Cheers Steve.
  3. Hi, just been reading your post. Nice looking car you have there, I have a 1968 1300 Deluxe myself.
  4. Hi mate, i ran the car for 4 years with out a problem, and it drove back from my place to yours. I am also asuming that it passed its MOT recently. It is going to be some thing simple. Check that the brake line under the drivers floor pan is not touching the exhaust manifold. It is very close to the manifold, theres enough heat there to get things very hot. The brake fluid has been in there for 4 years, if you havent changed it since you have owned it, also try that. Check that the breather hole in the top of the cap is not bloked on the fluid res. Next check that the goodridge brake hoses are not twisted, not shore how this would have happened but its worth a look. The front calipers are standard M16s with a spacer kit to take the vented discs. Because the car hasnt covered a lot of miles in the last 4 years or so, it may also be worth checking the pistons on the calipers and not sticking. This can be done buy removing the pads and replacing them with narrower packers, once the pistons are out retracked them to check that they recover correctly. Check the vacium pipe that comes of the inlet manifold to the servo. Try the brakes with the vacuim pipe conected and then clamp the pipe off and remove it from the servo end and try the brakes again to see if there is any difference. If there is no diference then will show that it is your servo. If you need any more help give me a call. Cheers Steve.
  5. Hi mate , i have a set of chrome ones with the correct brackets if you are looking for some. Cheers Steve.
  6. Hi mate, Thats a very nice car you have there. Im going to have to change my Sig now. Cheers Steve.
  7. Thanks for sorting out the meeting, great weather and cars. Cheers steve.
  8. Is any body from Plymouth meeting up before the drive to Exeter. 1. Baldrick 2. KMJJohn 3. Deltamal 4. Capriaddict 5. sab6024 6. Tode 7. MR&MRS GRIFF 8. Gary Stevens 9. SAF Capri 10. Richierich 11. Capri Si 12. paulsouthwestcapri 13. V8Romany 14. Aubone 15. fast Eddy
  9. Hi, i think the one you are after is the one i have on my Escort if you go to the link below you will see some photos. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... hp?t=96822 Cheers Steve.
  10. Here are a few photos from Sundays meet.
  11. Thanks for sorting out the meeting today. Spot on. Cheers Steve.
  12. I have the same set up. Tie rap it to the servo tower and make sure you use some heat proofing material along the cable casing. Cheers Steve.
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