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  1. In the middle of up grading the brakes on the Cortina. M16 reconditioned calipers, spaced so I can use Capri 2.8 vented discs.
  2. Fiestachaser, I'm putting new brakes on it in the next few days, while I'm under the front I will measure the length of the spring for you off load and get back to you with it. With regards to the wheels even with the arch lip still in tact there's still a bit of room. 8" rims with a zero offset would fit I would say. Cheers Steve.
  3. Evening, Thanks for the comment. I was told the springs are 2" lowered and they were an eBay purchase. And I have checked what size lowering blocks I brought and they were actually 1 1/2". Cheers Steve.
  4. Had a bit of time to spare time over the last few weeks so sorted a few jobs on the car. Suspension has been lowered by 2" all round and upgraded the rear shock. Next job will be the front brakes. Thanks for looking.
  5. Like these, 185x60x13 on 7x13 steels although mine are fitted to a MK2 Corrina.
  6. Thanks, most of my running issues were caused by a bad fuel tank. Once I got that sorted all has been ok since. Cheers Steve.
  7. Hi, just been reading your post. Nice looking car you have there, I have a 1968 1300 Deluxe myself.
  8. Hi mate , i have a set of chrome ones with the correct brackets if you are looking for some. Cheers Steve.
  9. Hi mate, Thats a very nice car you have there. Im going to have to change my Sig now. Cheers Steve.
  10. Thanks for sorting out the meeting, great weather and cars. Cheers steve.
  11. Is any body from Plymouth meeting up before the drive to Exeter. 1. Baldrick 2. KMJJohn 3. Deltamal 4. Capriaddict 5. sab6024 6. Tode 7. MR&MRS GRIFF 8. Gary Stevens 9. SAF Capri 10. Richierich 11. Capri Si 12. paulsouthwestcapri 13. V8Romany 14. Aubone 15. fast Eddy
  12. Hi, i think the one you are after is the one i have on my Escort if you go to the link below you will see some photos. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... hp?t=96822 Cheers Steve.
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