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  1. So very true but you'd always know it wasn't the real deal and even if you can convince everyone else you can't convince yourself. Still an idiotic price for a wheel however!
  2. Also you really have no idea how accurate the gauge is if its just the standard Capri OEM oil pressure gauge.
  3. YOU COULD DONATE IT TO ME (Damn caps lock )
  4. Rude Dog


    Just had a call from the MOT tester that my car has passed its MOT. I was actually hoping it would fail so I didn't have to go to my Sisters for Xmas Gotta look for other genuine excuses now
  5. I always stop if I can. Years ago when I was about 18/19 I helped a girly in a Fiesta who had broken down at about 2 AM. I got her car running and followed her home in case it happened again and she gave me her number and told me to ring her so she could take me out for a drink, got more than a drink out of it
  6. Did the Grafters pages seem poor to only me this issue (Dec 2007)? I mean a wrecked and rusty 1.6 Capri with 2 days spent on it?????? And quotes of having this Zakspeed bit and that Zakspeed bit but no pics of them. Seemed a complete waste of pages which could have been filled much better. The feature might have stood up a year down the line with some progress but tbh i've seen better motors in scrapyards Am I missing something?!? Was it featured because it was a girly owner or did you simply have nothing more worthwhile to feature???
  7. Thats about my reasoning too Anyone else have any thoughts?
  8. Buy an OSF or Sell an OSF? Serious question guys and girls
  9. Happy belated birthday mate
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