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  1. Confused

    Classic Look Bluetooth Stereos

    There seems to be a few more reasonably priced options from having a very quick look (this is an eBay search for "classic car radio bluetooth"): I've found one for £260: And one for £22: The first appears to have DAB, which might be nice - but certainly some options out there at a variety of price points!
  2. Confused

    Newbie from Colchester

    Hi and welcome! I'm originally from Colchester, and my dad still lives there. Hopefully there may be an opportunity to meet up at some point!
  3. Confused


    Give Neil @ 105speed a shout
  4. Confused

    My OSFDC 2016 Videos

    I've done a few tweaks since the early rounds of 2016. Bigger chargecooler radiator (huge thanks to Chris Todd for giving me that!), which helps the inlet air temperature out quite a lot! Limited Slip Differential - much, much better traction off the line, down to 1.72s 60ft time! Line lock - locks up front wheels during burnout to get plenty of heat into the rear tyres Tweaking of ECU for fuel delivery - most runs are logged on laptop and then I make minor tweaks to the fuelling - the latest videos show an Air-Fuel Ratio of around 11.5 under full acceleration Launch control - I'm currently launching at full throttle at 4700rpm, which allows the boost to stay at around 6psi and then climb as I pull away I'm also learning, which has a big impact. I need to now focus on consistency
  5. Confused

    My OSFDC 2016 Videos

    Thought I'd update this with some more videos from when I quickly popped into Round 2 of 2017, as I didn't take any more videos in 2016!
  6. Confused

    Show us your Steering Wheel

    I've had a few comments that I should change it for a "period" looking wheel - but I quite like it! Thanks for your comments - now that you say about the rest of the styling on the interior, it highlights why it doesn't look out of place! To fit a different wheel I'd also need to fit a boss, which won't look as nice.
  7. Confused

    Show us your Steering Wheel

    My Anglia has a rather modern wheel - a Momo from a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. I've also got one with some red accents, which came from the actual donor (a Super Galant VR-4, which yes, did have this garish red interior from the factory!): Or a part-wooden one, but this is a slightly larger diameter, and I'm already struggling with clearance to my knees: (Yes, they also came with this horrible beige interior, too!) This is probably of no use to you whatsoever, because I've also got the Mitsubishi steering column, so none of these will bolt up to a Ford column anyway!!
  8. Confused

    OSFDC 2017 .... some changes

    It was 7 rounds this year.
  9. Confused

    Starting out and need help.

    What 'racing' do you want to do? Every different discipline has very different requirements, of both the car, and of your skill. What makes a good drag car will make a bad circuit car, what makes a good circuit car will make a bad sprint car, what makes a good sprint car makes a bad drag car etc. How much experience do you have? Excuse me if I sound blunt - but if you're asking this question, I shall assume none! By far the best thing to do is to start off with what you have. Learn how to race first. Decide whether you like it. Then learn the car as it is. Once you know what you're doing, that you enjoy it, and know the car, you will then be in a better position to understand what aspect of the car you feel is holding you back from progressing further. Don't go throwing money at something until you know what it is you need to spend money on. If you're wanting to get involved with the OSFDC next year, then come along in your car as it is, and have a chat with some of the regulars. The likes of Steve Jennerway, Brett Wright, Chris Todd, Robert White and others have helped me greatly this year in getting to know how to drag race, and without their help and advice, I'd have not made the improvements to myself that I've made this year during my first year of the OSFDC - this interaction, and these improvements have made a better impact to my times this year than every penny I've spent on the car - by far the best value-for-money approach. I now know where my limitations are with my car, and what I can do to improve it - but I still have more I can do to improve myself - this is something that will continue for many years!
  10. I've not got a Cossie turbo, but I do have a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 twin turbo engine. For wideband, I've currently got the full LD Performance wideband kit (https://ldperformance.co.uk/product/wideband-controller/). The display on this is huge - the letters are 1" tall, and I have it located on the back of my glovebox lid (so it's not in view all the time, only when I want it to be). The only thing I don't like about it is that doesn't have an emulated narrowband output to feed into my Mitsubishi ECU, but I have a second PLX Devices (https://www.plxdevices.co.uk/categories/Automotive/Wideband-AFR) one which I had purchased previously (without a display) which I've now wired into the second exhaust (I have two separate exhausts, one off each bank), and this feeds the ECU with the emulated narrowband. As for boost control, I am using the standard built into the ECU - but if not, I'd probably look at the LD Performance one, it seems quite nice and feature-packed, and fairly cheap even with the 3-port solenoid included! https://ldperformance.co.uk/product/electronic-boost-controller/
  11. Confused

    OSFDC 2017 .... some changes

    As Jo said (and mentioned me by name!) I'm totally hooked. I turned up at a very, very cold first round back in April of this year with a coolant leak on my Anglia, having had to stop 4 times during a 100 mile journey to top up the coolant level. I pulled up, found a collection of people, wandered over and introduced myself. Then, before I'd even finished saying hi, asked whether anyone had a jubilee clip, as the one on my heater circuit had failed (hence the leak) - Jo called out to everyone, and 3 separate people ran off to look through their toolboxes and boots for a jubilee clip, for someone that they had never met before. That's when I knew, within 2 minutes of turning up, that this was going to be a good group of people. And boy, was I right. After sleeping in my Anglia that very cold night, I raced on the Sunday too (with feet like blocks of ice for most of the day!), and have been back for 4 more rounds (unfortunately I missed 2 due to pre-booked holidays) and enjoyed every single one - a fantastic weekend away every time. Absolutely everyone I've met this year at the 5 rounds has been very friendly, a great laugh, willing to help when having issues, and happy to offer advice and share their knowledge. I've learned loads this year, but there's still loads more to learn. I've taken my Anglia (well, mostly myself) from 14.1 seconds to 12.97 seconds - but I didn't do great in the points because I just wasn't consistent enough - the time improvements are mostly irrelevant in this competition - it's rock-solid consistency, and reaction times play such a big role - and neither of those are down to the car!! If you're on the fence - pop along, have a chat with us, have some runs up the strip, and see how you find it and us - I think you'll be hooked immediately!
  12. Confused


    You can turn up and run at any time throughout the whole weekend. Us hardcore regulars get there first thing on Saturday to make the most of the time available! Even if you don't come in your Fiesta, come and find any of us and have a chat - I'll likely be in the fire-up lane all weekend in my dark blue Anglia.
  13. Confused


    Hi Matt, Will be great to see you if you pop in! Basically, just run as many times as you can throughout the weekend. Hand your time slip(s) to Jo or Alison, along with £5, and they'll work everything out on Sunday afternoon. As a newbie, they'll take your first 2-3 runs and use that to calculate your "handicap" - this ensures that everyone is on a level playing field and everyone has an equal chance of winning! It's a very fair system! There's no set format, or specific times for racing - we all just queue up and hope we get plenty of runs in, and every run you get in counts. I aim to get there for about 8 in the morning, so I can get signed on and ready to go as soon as they open the track - but there'll be plenty of us there all weekend long, so turn up whenever! (Obviously if you wish to run throughout the day, getting there earlier means you're likely to get more runs in)
  14. Confused

    Events in November?

    The Little John Classic Car & Motorcycle Club have weekly meets on Wednesday evenings at Mansfield football stadium from 6pm. I'm usually there - let me know when you'll be there and I'll make sure (if I'm not away!) that I pop in with my Anglia! There's also quite a few other meets around the Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield area, keeping an eye on the Little John group on Retards Club will let you know about a lot of them - the local members are really active and do go to a lot of meets/shows!
  15. Confused

    What's your YouTube poison?

    I have YouTube on almost constantly - I work from home, and have 3 monitors, and find that YouTube is a great "background" noise, and gives me something to divert my attention to for a few seconds when I need a mini break to think about what I'm working on. A great number of problems have been resolved when my mind is "switched off". It's similar to going to make a coffee, but without the walking, and the caffeine addiction! I mostly watch gaming videos - Minecraft (a few guys from the Hermitcraft series), Cities: Skylines, and other games like Prison Architect, Rimworld, where you need to build stuff up. I've been gaming since I was a youngster, but I don't get time to actually play the games myself nowadays, so watching YouTube gives me my gaming fix!