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  1. I'm still not sure yet that everything will work as expected, and once I've finished tinkering and tested everything, am planning long term to strip everything back again, and give it a full bare metal respray. At this time, I'll probably powder coat stuff rather than just Hammerite it But I've got another couple of cars in the queue before that happens!
  2. In episode 13, I fabricate some brackets to hold the brake & clutch switches, and do some copper pipework.
  3. Still lots to do, and I'd like to get the car back on the road this century! 😂
  4. In episode 12 of Garry's Garage, I get my Wilwood pedals installed and mounted nice and securely. I apologise for the poor audio quality in parts of the video.
  5. Episode 11 of Garry's Garage is live! I didn't realise at the time that this was the start of quite a large rabbit hole I have led myself down!
  6. Here's the next installment, when I remember that there's differences between the S13 and S14 diffs...
  7. Episode 7, where I pull out the rear differential
  8. Here's episode 6, I finish tasks started in earlier episodes, so I can get the car ready to take for a new radiator to be made.
  9. It's reasonably rapid! Biggest issue though is getting the power to the ground, and I refuse to fit wide arches, so it somewhat limits my tyre choices! That's why I'm trying to get things sorted so that I can get traction control dialled in, so I get minimal slip and maximum grip! In the interests of keeping this thread up to date, as I'd failed to do so for nearly 4 years... Here's episode 5 of Garry's Garage!
  10. @dt36 has kindly already mentioned my channel (Adaptive Engineering) with my series of "Garry's Garage" which I've only just started, doing some stuff with my Anglia. Hopefully later this year I'll also start on restoring/modifying my Mitsubishi Legnum. I'd also add Home Built By Jeff as a strongly recommended channel too. A few more channel suggestions to add: Tom's Turbo Garage The Skid Factory Jaffromobile
  11. Haha, well, it certainly got me using the car! But, I'm not going to succumb to making a terrible road car just so I'm a little bit quicker down the quarter mile!
  12. Soooo, it's been a while since I last updated this thread! How time has flown by! I've done many a things to the car since then, but have been rather remiss in keeping track and documenting them! I've now decided to do something I wish I'd done years ago when I started this project, and film it! I'd really appreciate it if you could watch, like, share, subscribe etc (yeah, I know... everyone hates hearing this!), and feel free to continue to ask questions here!
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