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  1. Here's the next installment, when I remember that there's differences between the S13 and S14 diffs...
  2. Episode 7, where I pull out the rear differential
  3. Here's episode 6, I finish tasks started in earlier episodes, so I can get the car ready to take for a new radiator to be made.
  4. It's reasonably rapid! Biggest issue though is getting the power to the ground, and I refuse to fit wide arches, so it somewhat limits my tyre choices! That's why I'm trying to get things sorted so that I can get traction control dialled in, so I get minimal slip and maximum grip! In the interests of keeping this thread up to date, as I'd failed to do so for nearly 4 years... Here's episode 5 of Garry's Garage!
  5. @dt36 has kindly already mentioned my channel (Adaptive Engineering) with my series of "Garry's Garage" which I've only just started, doing some stuff with my Anglia. Hopefully later this year I'll also start on restoring/modifying my Mitsubishi Legnum. I'd also add Home Built By Jeff as a strongly recommended channel too. A few more channel suggestions to add: Tom's Turbo Garage The Skid Factory Jaffromobile
  6. Haha, well, it certainly got me using the car! But, I'm not going to succumb to making a terrible road car just so I'm a little bit quicker down the quarter mile!
  7. Soooo, it's been a while since I last updated this thread! How time has flown by! I've done many a things to the car since then, but have been rather remiss in keeping track and documenting them! I've now decided to do something I wish I'd done years ago when I started this project, and film it! I'd really appreciate it if you could watch, like, share, subscribe etc (yeah, I know... everyone hates hearing this!), and feel free to continue to ask questions here!
  8. Usually, pressing "Unsubscribe" on spam email is just you telling them that "this email address exists and every email is read" - it's going to just open the floodgates for more! That said, in my experience over the last couple of years, where my wife & in-laws were using Hotmail, the amount of spam was getting more and more. So - I've switched them all over to Gmail - and set up a forward from their Hotmail account. Gmail's spam filtering is a million times better, and the interface is a lot nicer (and isn't changed every 5 minutes - it's changed once in the 10+ years I've been using it, but that's only been a minor styling change, not a total rewrite!
  9. @notenoughtime my offer still stands - can collect any evening between now and Friday, and will be in Colchester on Sunday.
  10. I'm about 20 minutes away, and am coming down to Essex (Colchester) next weekend - so depending on where you are in Essex we can meet up to hand it over.
  11. There seems to be a few more reasonably priced options from having a very quick look (this is an eBay search for "classic car radio bluetooth"): I've found one for £260: And one for £22: The first appears to have DAB, which might be nice - but certainly some options out there at a variety of price points!
  12. Hi and welcome! I'm originally from Colchester, and my dad still lives there. Hopefully there may be an opportunity to meet up at some point!
  13. Give Neil @ 105speed a shout
  14. I've done a few tweaks since the early rounds of 2016. Bigger chargecooler radiator (huge thanks to Chris Todd for giving me that!), which helps the inlet air temperature out quite a lot! Limited Slip Differential - much, much better traction off the line, down to 1.72s 60ft time! Line lock - locks up front wheels during burnout to get plenty of heat into the rear tyres Tweaking of ECU for fuel delivery - most runs are logged on laptop and then I make minor tweaks to the fuelling - the latest videos show an Air-Fuel Ratio of around 11.5 under full acceleration Launch control - I'm currently launching at full throttle at 4700rpm, which allows the boost to stay at around 6psi and then climb as I pull away I'm also learning, which has a big impact. I need to now focus on consistency
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