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  1. Whoops, forgot to post up the next videos! In Episode 20, I find out what I've broken with all the wiring changes: And in Episode 21, I see whether the car will start!
  2. In episodes 18 and 19, I begin to tackle the wiring (again)! It's quite a daunting task, and I've already had a couple of attempts at it over the years, so was very messy!
  3. In this episode, I tackle the heater, and it gets a massive upgrade from what I had before!
  4. In episode 16, the fuel and braking systems get mostly completed.
  5. It's all counted as views and watched minutes to me, even if it's over multiple sittings! Even if you save it up for a rainy day! Thanks for the feedback!
  6. In episode 15, I finish up the bulkhead metalwork, and move the fuel tank into its new location.
  7. In episode 14, I get a little extreme, and delve deeper into the tweaks!
  8. I'm still not sure yet that everything will work as expected, and once I've finished tinkering and tested everything, am planning long term to strip everything back again, and give it a full bare metal respray. At this time, I'll probably powder coat stuff rather than just Hammerite it But I've got another couple of cars in the queue before that happens!
  9. In episode 13, I fabricate some brackets to hold the brake & clutch switches, and do some copper pipework.
  10. Still lots to do, and I'd like to get the car back on the road this century! 😂
  11. In episode 12 of Garry's Garage, I get my Wilwood pedals installed and mounted nice and securely. I apologise for the poor audio quality in parts of the video.
  12. Episode 11 of Garry's Garage is live! I didn't realise at the time that this was the start of quite a large rabbit hole I have led myself down!
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