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  1. i think the jag has got a bbc with twin prochargers,
  2. i was there on sunday, what a good day was had, and some nice motors,
  3. not all 4x4s are for the school run, ive got a range rover classic v8, forget your 200 or 300 bhp motors ,the greens want us with 1 horse power transport thats got 4 legs, and where would the nos bottle go.
  4. depends on what you want and if you can do the engine rebuild, i know its been mentioned already not to use a rover v8 but they are not much heavier than a pinto, cheap to buy and are easy to get 230 to 250bhp out of them and not alot of dosh to get there, decent set of heads, 1 1/2" headers, edelbrock inlet , and edelbrock 500 carb and 9:75 pistons and some other goodies it would be close to 250 bhp, and yes you,ve guessed it i prefer v8s
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