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  1. nobby911


    Ive got the XR2 plug just need to know where the wires go
  2. nobby911


    I know this is an old post but does anyone have a wiring diagram for the xr2 dash or a photo of the plug so i can see where the wires go
  3. nobby911

    alternator wiring

    Hi hope someone can help I am doing a zetec swap in my mk1 Fiesta and have fitted a Suzuki carry alternator as its the smallest I could find can any one advise on the wiring What goes where, using standard fiesta wiring loom . Thanks
  4. nobby911

    MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion

    hi just started my MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion and have a series 3 blacktop from the a 2.0 mondeo and then got a 1.8 zetec from a MK5 escort which i understood has all the right bits i needed for the conversion like sump , flywheel eater pump etc. But this is the water pump on the mondeo and the other pic is of the water pump that was on the escort zetec, They are completely different can anyone point me in the right direction to make sure i get the right pump. Also can anyone identify this alternator bracket i was told it was the correct one but i cannot get it all lined up and also there is nowhere to attached the tension bar for the alternator Hope that all makes sense. Seeing as this is my first FWD project i will probably be asking a lot more questions. Thanks
  5. Do you have one for sale if so can you put up some details and pictures or PM me.
  6. Didn't put a price as wasn't looking to sell and this is not in the for sale section and the OP said he was looking for a car and like most things in life even though I am not looking to sell if someone made me a really good offer I would consider it. I could always get another OSF, now I am getting older I was thinking of maybe something a little more comfortable like a MK5 Cortina.
  7. May be tempted to sell if the price is right, hasnt had much use last few years never seem to get any time with young kids.
  8. nobby911

    Old pics of yourself

    Had a search in the loft but didn't find any good pictures of me but found a few pics of me old cars THis was about 1988, blimey that means the MK1 was already about 14 years old. It started out as a canary yellow 1100L, I then riveted fibre glass lips on the front wings so that it looked like an RS and resprayed it diamond white sold if for £750. Must have had a thing about white in them days i also sprayed my 1600E and a Capri all in Ford Diamond white. The MK 2 was a couple of years later and the grey primer was where a drunk hit the front wing on a roundabout, spun round and hit the back arch. This ended up xpacked. Now 25 years later back behind the wheel of a MK2 escort
  9. nobby911

    4 wheel drive mk5 cortina?

    Cheers, already registered on that site but the only 4wheel drive one i could find is based on a Imprezza
  10. Hi just looking for some advice and ideas before i decide on a new project. Is it possible to make a mk5 tina into 4 wheel drive using sierra running gear. I have seen a few people have done this to mk1 and 2 escort's by swapping the whole floor pan, but i was wondering if the MK5 would be an easier conversion. If the whole floor pan needed swapping i don't think this is something i would like to try myself.
  11. still looking like it might be stormy in bedford whats it like in mk at the moment
  12. Is this still running. Seeing as its a nice day is anyone going anywhere around MK or Northampton area tonight.
  13. Can anyone reccomend any companies in the Bedford, Milton keynes or Northampton area that could supply and fit a vinyl roof ?