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  1. Hi guys and girls this is a very long shot but there's a show at snetterton race circuit (retrokings/retro rides)on the 31st may classicford day I know but am not attending so if any of you guys and girls around this area are up for this let me know peeps.
  2. Thanks vista went to a local post office not a main one and he sorted things,well have a receipt for it anyway. Thanks for your help mate take it easy.darren
  3. Yer took it with me to the post office and has date of first registration 01/06/1974 so not sure why not ? Thanks for the reply mate
  4. Went to post office this morning to try and get the free tax (mex first reg 1/6/1974)was told she doesn't qualify for this till next year is this right if not what do I have to do, Thanks peeps
  5. Hi peeps was looking to see if anyone would be interested in attending this show local or not at snetterton race track on 31 may (yes I know it clashes with classicford)does sound a great day out new to snetterton what ya reckon peeps
  6. Hi (admin)guys and girls,the insurance company that is insuring me mex wants proof of being in a club,what is the best way to show them or send them proof of being a member of OLDSKOOLFORD,help much appreciated thanks Darren
  7. Hi peeps bit of a dilemma any ideas why my wasp high torque starter doesn't always engage but when I've rocked the motor in gear it does not always straight away but most times,what would cause this any suggestions,thanks
  8. Great pics bud and great cars
  9. Shame really spoiled a good day for some hey
  10. Great pics some wicked motors and hate to say it not just fords
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