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  1. now that is one awesome mk2 corty mate! what state are you in? im in qld with a mk1 with sr20det.. would love to see yours if your local! only thing i can say i dislike is the cannon! they just dont belong on osf!
  2. simply perfect! would be great to see more examples like this down under
  3. great to see the car on the track! hopefully get mine out on a track soon enough!
  4. love the car mate so clean and simple! loving the wheels are they 13 by 7 inch?
  5. well its been a long time since i last visited, but here are some pics finally. okay ad yes i realise its a 1964 typo in the first post. also alot of bits and pieces yet to be complete such as a roll cage and im still running the anglia diff... have run it down a quarter mile and managed a best of 14.1 at 100mph with a 2.3 60ft. this was achieved with only about 2000rpm on the launch to save the diff so once a better diff is in ill be going back to try again with the engine stock. well hope you guys like her so far
  6. is your car street legal over in uk? thats insane if it is! is it loud being inside the cab? and what was the reasoning behind putting it inside? car looks pretty shmick to good work! hope she is worth the wait and some
  7. hell yea that things a beast, extremely straight and loving the hue
  8. glad to see you restoring her to her original glory, if not better. good luck and look forward to progress pics
  9. very straight corty you got yourself there and judging by your past rides this will be awesome
  10. nice, loving those alot! wish there was more of them over here in ozzy land. probly my fav car other than mk1 cortys
  11. it wont let me upload pics yet as i havnt been registered for 7 days... wtf. and a taxi bar is the bar that you attatch your harness to. joins the 2 b pillar poles together with a horizontal bar. usually means that i wouldnt be able to have a rear passengers, but as im making it bolt in i can keep it registered as a 4 seater. if a mod will allow me to post pics then you will be able to see my 2 dr and its not all talk then
  12. hey guys im ashton from the gold coast, Australia. this is my lil pride and joy. hope you like her Engine: sr20 det Exhaust: straight through 2.5 inch, hiflo cat, 1 muffler at rear Suspension: reset leaf springs at the rear, superlows up front Wheels: 13,7" superlights Modifications: shortend lsd hilux diff converted to 4 stud and discs, mk2 escort rack and pinion steering and colapsable colum, silvia floor, ADR approved steel braided brake lines, twin turbo supra i/c, remote boosters in front gaurds, battery in boot, escort mk2 wiring loom for lights, indicators ect, sleeved chassis, and welding in a half cage. seatbelts will be mounted on the cage, and will have a bolt on taxi bar for track days and harness. Stereo Audio / Visual: pioneer 9650 head unit, alpine type x splits and alpine type r splits, yet to be installed. Estimated Power: around 146 kw at the flywheel... for now well i cant post pics as i am new and it says im spamming if i try... will have to wait 7 days?
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