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  1. Ahh right as I was just gonna sell them as don't know what there worth anybody know?
  2. These have been in my dads loft for a few years just wanted to know if there ford standard as there heated as well. The sides of the chairs look faded black but thats the light as there a a nice deep black when seen in person
  3. Been dormant for a while because of a new addition to the family but am allowed another crack at her so engine out over the weekend then rub down and try a bit of spraying for my self What grade sand paper should i use for keying the paint before spraying
  4. Can't beleve i missed it i couldnt get there even though of a Taxi from Hartlepool
  5. whats an RS2000 rear spoiler ok condition worth just don't wana get ripped thanks
  6. Did it happen the other day and has anybody got pic's couldnt make it myself
  7. Darling get you coat on LOL Is it an all year round thing
  8. so it should be good if i want to upgrade to bigger drums or disks
  9. this was on my old datsun just lying in shed it seems to have like a front rear mixture screw would this be any good on my mk2 escort?
  10. thanks mate does anybody know what font it is i'm toying with some ideas
  11. who does the details which run along the side of the mk2 1600 mexico
  12. Finally got the wing off Don't look 2 bad under there me grinding rust Red leded not gonna replace the front panel because i don't know how yo weld so i'll improvise
  13. Thanks Antz Should have alot more done saturday
  14. The full car is solid it's great 15-3-07 Can't get front bumper off the full stud is just turing think i will have to get the grinder on it happened on both sides as well
  15. Starting the stripping of bumper lights and a bit of smoothing of the rear panel today
  16. 2 mk 2 2 door escorts with roll cages just rotting knocked on the blokes door no answer gona go back tomorrow with camera and money really really rotting they are
  17. plan on doing all the rust starting from front valance to wings and so on
  18. Head propper dunn in now Do I wait until i can afford a compressor OR just buy a decent primer in spray tin I just want to get on and get sanding to get things done We need a poll lol
  19. thanks bloody hell i didnt realise how much they are only had 200 to spend on one or am i just looking in the wrong places Just found out that they have stopped making etch primer due to the new regulations coming in
  20. Does anyone know of any good paint spraying compressor's
  21. finally got the garage cleared to prime parts what primer should i go for it's going to have to be spary tin
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