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  1. Some lovely shots guys! keep up the good work! And hello to all fellow Maltese
  2. The Mk3 Tina I bought recently has a turbo diesel motor in it...so far stock and not too exciting (but that might be down to a clogged/dirty/messed up intercooler and incorrect gearing...) It's a 1.7 Isuzu engine from a 90's Gemini mated to a granada 5 speed (only had the car for a week and have not had the time to crawl underneath it to have a proper looksee at what lies beneath) via a custom made adapter. Just FYI... a 2.3 engine has been very successfully turboed (think comparing with a stock cossie at the strip...) over here (Malta) and we also have some pretty quick street/stri
  3. Some pics from tonight's RWYB for you all to enjoy Cossie powered Mk1 (4x4) Fiat twincam turbo powered Mk1 Pinto Mk2 Cossie Mk1 4 dr Tina More pics when I get the chance to attend another event
  4. Very nice! just when I need the inspiration too
  5. Awesome hehe that Transit.... and the limo too! gotta book that driver for my wedding hehehehehehe
  6. Brilliant vid! reminds me a bit of our bus drivers here in Malta! LOL
  7. Hey I used to own LAA 606 mk3 Tina wagon Regarding the lack of Mk2 escorts, well Mk1's were always the preferred model here with Escort lovers....and many were done up properly many times over so survived the years...they still pop up in the classifieds on a semi-regular basis and so on too. Mk2's... there are some of them left you just have to be lucky with spotting those Regarding our MOT... laws changing all the time - up till about 10 years ago there was still a guy near where i used to live that drove a square grille sit up and beg pop on a daily basis....not any more though.
  8. Wow brilliant work there! Wish i had the patience to give that a try!
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