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  1. The annual Capri Rally and Party Weekend (CRaP) is a Ford Capri show run by the members of the Laser Page Forums (http://www.fordcapriforum.com) and held at Marston Moretaine Social Club Grounds in Bedfordshire July 5th-7th 2013. Tickets cost £10 per car and includes camping for the whole weekend. There will be fun and games, BBQs, Trophies for the best cars, and there is an onsite pub! What more could you ask for? Load up your Capri with a case of beer and come join the fun. If you want to buy tickets before the event please go to: http://www.fordcapriforum.com/crap/
  2. Yo, Just found this on iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b017gsw9/Air_An_Rathad_Series_4_Episode_4/ The first feature on the program has a load of old skool Fords driving around the isle of Lewis. Definitely worth a watch.
  3. You can space 2.0 Calipers to make them into 2.8 Calipers. You also need some spacers when mounting them, and you need to remove the dust sheilds too. Burton's do a kit with all you need. But yeah, once the calipers are spaced, or you have 2.8 calipers its just bolt on and bleed the system. The Land Rover Master Cylinder fits the 2.0 Capri Girling Servo. It's not recommended unless you are fitting bigger calipers though, e.g. from the Granada/Mondeo.
  4. I made a set for my Pinto a few years back. My housemate's boyfriend was an Army Mechanic and he just gave me a load of solid core HT cable one day. I just took the plugs off an old set of HT leads, and squeezed them on with a pair of pliers, worked great. Apparently using the solid core cable can cause RF interference on the radio, but I didnt notice anything.
  5. When I fitted green stuff pads with refurbed 2.8 calipers, braided hoses, new vented drilled discs and 5.1 fluid it made a massive difference. Went around brands hatch all day without any significant brake fade, and they were more than enough to stop my 2.0 Capri. Next step up is Granada 260mm calipers and Land Rover Master Cylinder. Apparently they dissipate the heat better as the disc is on the outside of the hub. I got the 280mm discs from Mondeo/Granada Cosworth and they seem to do the job just fine, but havent done any serious track time.
  6. If you haven't already, have a search on www.fordpower.org.uk, lots of info there about using that engine.
  7. People have said the same thing about the Capri though.
  8. I hope it never happens. I don't think Ford Europe are capable of producing anything that can do the Capri name justice. If Ford want to give the Europeans a proper sports coupe they should just sell the Mustang there.
  9. Hi, One thing to check that's easily overlooked and got me when I did mine is this.... Make sure the + supply to the ECU AND EDIS modules is live whilst cranking. If you have wired it to one of the supplies usually found behind the dash (like one used for the radio) it will go dead when you are cranking the engine. Silly mistake but difficult to trace because when you check the votages with ignition on it all looks good, its only when cranking everything goes dead.
  10. Not sure whats best, but I used an On at 95 degrees, off at 85 degrees fan switch for my 2.9 Capri. I think Kenlowe do a kit that's adjustable.
  11. Big John fitted an Explorer axle to his Capri afew years back. Didn't shorten it or anything and made it work . Not saying its an ideal solution, but I reckon he made it work for pennies. Some info on these old theads here: http://www.fordcapriforum.com/forum/vie ... 13&t=17550 http://www.fordcapriforum.com/forum/vie ... 13&t=17597 http://www.fordcapriforum.com/forum/vie ... =13&t=7284
  12. How much would it cost for the engine, box, loom and management? I guess you'd also need a new prop and rear axle to take the power. And possibly some chassis strengthening too. I'd love to see it done, but I reckon it would be pricey.
  13. Use the 1.6 Crossflow with Megasquirt and Motorbike throttle bodies. Mappable fuel and ignition set up right should give you good power and economy. Then if you want more power, then look at a turbo or super charger later.
  14. An American Ford axle (8/8.8/9") is the most obvious and probably best solution. Loads of info out there on fitting them to Capris and lots of cheap parts and diffs that can be fitted to them. Although not always easy or cheap to obtain in the UK like they are in the US. Another option I have heard talked about over the years is Volvo axles. These can be had cheaply and easily in the UK. Here's a few threads I found from a google search: http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.c ... read=39683 http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread. ... Rear-axles http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread. ... Volvo-Axle http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... c251564d5c
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