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  1. Well its been a while since i was on here as i have not had a great deal of time over the last year or 2, as some know i have been stuck in the garage building my 11 year old son's new motor, here is just a few pics of it to get you going & but the full build can be found here... http://www.rodsnsods.co.uk/forum/garage ... oupe-22931 this was the start i had to make a plug to make a mould to make the body... rear chassis rails It runs a quad bike engine in the rear inside, the engine is all glassfibre coming together Jack at the whee
  2. Hey puddy did ya sell that lotus boot lid !! if you did'nt it was'nt for want of trying lol good to see you again....
  3. I will be there, its a great show .. you going malc ?? http://www.beaulieu.co.uk/templates/ld_ ... ectId=1463
  4. That might be true, the only trouble is, its been awake for many years now & your arse is about to be bitten !! Glen, yes BIVA is the way forward If your building or owning an old car have a look here http://www.the-ace.org.uk/
  5. (long time no see !!!) So what about "All "the glass in the car ?? And who will be first to put there hand in there pocket to have a pile of optically tested & correctly marked front screens made ??
  6. Well the old mk1 is sold & will be off to a new keeper soon but i still have two mk2 cortina's & a mk1 escort ! & a new project that now has the funds to be built, though it will not be a fast build as i need to finish my boys car first ....
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE hope its a good one :party:
  8. happy birthday mate :beer: :beer: :beer:
  9. sorry should be left as it is and used as it ,its sad but its history and 20 years+ ago it was the coolest ride at the cruise ,the cruise wasnt the cruise without stuff like that ! Yep, when these old cars are gone so is a bit of our past & if you aint worked it out yet its part of how our cars got to where they are today In its day this was a star of the chelsea cruise & yes i was there & i did see it & know the welcome it got Can we not get a battery put on it & a pic taken in all her glory ?
  10. Yes worth it, had all of mine skimmed
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