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  1. Top work as ever lads, it looks great without all the decals but I think the old man wants to put them back on - he still hasn't even let me drive it! Just gotta get the escort done and beat him round a track Catch up soon James aka mk1 bubble jam
  2. Hi guys, It's still waiting to be finished It seems everything has got in the way but I have moved house and got a garage to get it in to from storage so will hopefully be getting back together ASAP... I will update when I can and hope to be out and about soon!!!
  3. Hi Gary, What tyre size would you recommend for an 8x13 wheel for decent trackday use? There doesn't seem to be much option other than 205/60/13 s Any thoughts would be great cheers James
  4. Hi guys, I def want to keep the english axle for now until I go to fostek with a few grand to have a proper axle sorted. Scott, what age heater did you use roughly from which mini? Is it a physically smaller unit? Thanks James.
  5. Hi chaps I am looking to put a modern alternative in for the heater box when I rebuild my mk1. Has anyone done a sensible mod that you can recommend?? Also I have bubbled my car and im looking to run 8x13s and possibly 9x13s on the rear. Can anyone recommend a good offset to "fill" the arches a bit without needing to use spacers all round? Any info would be much appreciated? Thanks James.
  6. Hi mate, Im bubbling my mk1 (eventually) and want to run 8x13 wheels... I want them to fill the arches as best as possible and look right. Do you let me know the best offset to go for to do this??? I am running a standard english axle... I may go 9 x 13 on the rears as well... any info would be great James.
  7. thanks mate - i'll give it a try gently!
  8. Hi guys, Im after some advice... has anyone changed damper inserts on an RS leg? Is there a trick to removing the top "nut" that sits at the top of the shaft? Its a slim hexagonal collar and i guess needs to come undone before you can remove the insert strut... Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks james.
  9. Excellent, cheers for the help mate... out of curiousty how much are your weld in ones??? Thanks J
  10. Hi Gary, Just a couple of queeries for you re set up on my mk1. The car will be bubble arched on rs converted coilover legs with Gaz inserts. Its also fitted with a twinc ARB but standard TCAs. I am wondering which top mount to get, either an eccentric top mount from somewhere like grp4 fab or a fully adjustable mount such as these http://www.mcmotorsport.co.uk/topmounts_1.htm I am looking to get the car sorted for track days and will def want you to setup the car once its built. Do you think I should be looking at a compression strut kit and adjustable tcas at all??? I will be running the car on 13x8 wheels... Just need a bit of help in which direction to go that will allow for a good setup Cheers J
  11. Hi mate, I have recently got some Gaz rear coilovers for my soon to be turreted Mk1 escort... I am goin to be using it a lot on track days but also for shows etc... Can you recommend a good spring rate to go for on the front and the back? It wont be used for competition........................... yet thanks James.
  12. Update time, Got the engine and box out in the rain on sunday with Tommy, just gotta get the windows out and remove the wiring and then it will be off to get the fab work done... Cheers for the help Tommy heres some pics THE GIRLS CAME ROUND BUT AS ALWAYS DIDNT SEEM IMPRESSED TO BE ON CAMERA!!! TOMMY WAS HAPPY THOUGH! AS WAS I... more updates to follow this week hopefully
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