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  1. thanks for all the comments 😎 The wheels will be going silver for sure! The red/pink/maroon paint will be staying - it’s an original Monaco red paint code car so I want to retain that. I’ll be painting the engine bay before the lump goes in but that’s it for now. time to pull my finger out and get a build thread started 👍🏻
  2. Hi I’m not sure on this to be fair. The exhaust came with the car (not fitted) The previous owner said it was off a mk1 cortina but did not say which spec other than it was used with the manifold I also have which was a Xflow thanks james
  3. Carbs now sold offers considered on everything else J
  4. Thanks! Missed old fords too much. Hoping to get the Tina on the road by the end of the summer if I can. Lots to do 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Hi all I have a number of parts for sale that I want to sell to raise funds for my Mk1 Cortina project. None of these bits are tested/new/come with any guarantees but feel free to ask questions. All collection preferred if possible but will consider shipping at cost on top of price below £250 twin 40s on manifold £400 for the Xflow 105speed (piper) manifold £250 for the mk1 Cortina 2inch SS exhaust £300 for the Cobra seats with runners and TRS belts (please note, one seat has white paint on the under side and runner) £60 for the 711 1300 Xflow engine £50 for the 4 speed Cortina 1200 gearbox £100 for the St170 FWD exhaust manifold with stainless steel decat pipe
  6. Hi all Finally after about 5 years I am embarking on a new classic ford project in the shape of a 64 plate mk1 cortina. So not a new user as such but looking forward to getting back in to things. The car is shabby but solid enough and I cant afford to paint it! About to undergo a lot of new mechanics and an ST170 transplant however so it should be fun looking forward to catching up and getting back to some meets that I havent been to in a long time All the best James
  7. Top work as ever lads, it looks great without all the decals but I think the old man wants to put them back on - he still hasn't even let me drive it! Just gotta get the escort done and beat him round a track Catch up soon James aka mk1 bubble jam
  8. Hi guys, It's still waiting to be finished It seems everything has got in the way but I have moved house and got a garage to get it in to from storage so will hopefully be getting back together ASAP... I will update when I can and hope to be out and about soon!!!
  9. Update time, Got the engine and box out in the rain on sunday with Tommy, just gotta get the windows out and remove the wiring and then it will be off to get the fab work done... Cheers for the help Tommy heres some pics THE GIRLS CAME ROUND BUT AS ALWAYS DIDNT SEEM IMPRESSED TO BE ON CAMERA!!! TOMMY WAS HAPPY THOUGH! AS WAS I... more updates to follow this week hopefully
  10. sweet mate how much roughly was the engine if you dont mind me asking??? Whens it going to be on the road and what colour are ya goin for????
  11. What pedal box did you go for mate? getting there now
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