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  1. yeh i went off and looked has well very cheap for what they are think better to go middle range on one for the amount of welding i do i dont need some great big thing
  2. i think you will find Q plates dont exist any more any more
  3. are they any good compared to proper mig what is the finish like please
  4. i know what your saying im storking on ebay again and i know i will probable end up with it
  5. mark they wernt cars when you were young it was horse and cart the cart has rotted away and some one has eating your horse so lol
  6. Oh and I brought this old beast a few week's back to i went to look at a 59 plate focus and ended up with this its proper stonking to how does that work
  7. Why and how the f##k did I get in this mess can i sue ebay for this please some one change my pass word for ebay and not tell me what it is il save a fortune had no interest in buying another capri i told the mrs i dont want one how the f**k am i going to explain this one to the mrs and i was not going to bid on it it nearly has bad when i went out to get a new cooker and come home with a 1959 fairlane
  8. put this in wrong section meant to be in chit chat sorry please move
  9. can you remember back when you were young and what you remember most about the answer q. rough year or be exact up to you a. 1971 q. first car you ever drove on or off road a. Austin princess old round head light you had to tie the front doors shut once you got in it q, what you learnt to drive in a. austin metro q. first car you had on the road legal a. mk2 capri red in colour had the biggest cam rattle you ever heard my dad gave me it q. name the first 3 cars you ever owned a. Austin princess you had to tie the front doors shut once you got
  10. or you could go 4 barrel carb on it or a pair of 4 barrels looks like a easy manifold to convert to fit what you like on it really and some nice pics to i picked up a 2.9 the other day from a mate on here lol but im not sure were im going with it all at the moment has having change of planes but what ever it will be a cologne in it might have another carpi yet lol
  11. 50 shades of blue for sale mk2 2.8 mot may next year change of plans forces sale could do with a bonnet ,comes with manurel pedal box and brand new clutch cable needs cosmetics 100% solid runs and drives well has a noisy wheel bearing on the front might just need greasing last owner owned it 20 years location is Peterborough price is £1695 ovno
  12. food and fords go together just like pu**y and beer i rest my case lol
  13. lee_capri

    Osf bar

    and how does she sort sig pic lol
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