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  1. have you been on the stella if your being serious
  2. the bottom pic in my eyes is the best looking car ever i love this car
  3. just keep ya fingers crossed the blue dye dont go yellow
  4. you dont normally see leaks on the outside of the head sometimes you do but best to get a pressure test done on your head mate it a quick easy job and most garages can check it
  5. agree totally with ya mate and its going to be completly stripped out as light as i can get it but it will have two seats and its staying fwd for now untilli put it in the back and i am going to do this started taking the old engine out this mornin and going to look a acomplete bike tonight
  6. got rid of the escort cant afford one now and you agree with me a bit more now then mate?
  7. mainly track days but shall be road legal and its still going to be fwd so the power is right over the driven wheels but i can see where your coming from and kinda agree with you i just want to try something different
  8. i would love to do it in the back and maybe i will when funds allow but i can keep the cost down by quite alot by putting it in the front i still think it will pull well
  9. im only getting it in the bay at collage then bringing it home i have to keep photo updates on it and i got 3yrs
  10. im at collage doing a aperentership for mechanics at collage and me and my tutor have been talking and he said i could use my own car as part of my cousework as long as i do something different with it. now the fun part i thort of something different and im going to put a motorbike engine in the front we have wrked it out and can get it to work so what you guys think should i do do it or not? opinions please good or bad and i know i wont have a reverse
  11. thanks guys i had to dosomething osf as the rest of the class is doing chav cars and its pissed them alof i dont like them but with your help i can make them all look like idiots cheers guys
  12. ok 2more things i need is if anyone knows ive searched the net and cant find the info..... is the curb weight of a rs2000 and the 0.60 time of a standard rs2000 sorry to be a pain
  13. thats all for now thanks lads ill update as i need more help
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