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  1. I was reluctant to go this year due to the change of venue, after going on and off to pod for the last 10years. I thought I would give this a try this year see how it is. But obviously people have the same thoughts hence the poll
  2. Defeneitly be up for an old ford show, were see about Mallory park I suppose , would still like to get my Santa pod fix next year tho?
  3. I'm under decided atm on CF at Mallory park. Partly because I don't know anything else, it's been at pod for as long as Ive had my Escort (10 years). Are there any other shows at Santa pod we could attend, considering it the last prepared strip left. I have heard the retro show is a good one???
  4. Ive seen it, but ive also seen your escort too lol
  5. Thats why I didnt say anything on there. I know its a difficult one when they turn up but could we put those cars in a little section of their own? I remember when the banner used to read "osf in our eyes means no Sierra's, mk3 escorts,ie plastic not so fantasic" or something to that effect. Maybe we should have quote visable so every1 knows what were about. I appricate anything blue oval . There are so many all ford clubs out there. But osf is the only one I know of that caters for such a variety of classic fords thats what makes it so great.
  6. Just seen on the osf Retards Club page a guy with a xr2I asking if there was any space left on the stand. I did not want to comment on there in case I caused offence to the owner. I am not a regular user on here but I thought we only catered for older rwd fords the only exception being the MK1 fiesta. I know this has been raised many times before, but what is the current situation.
  7. Thanks Mexican Gerbil, will only be coming on the sunday so is that £12 to the address above?
  8. Im up for going to this, I see the closing date is today, sorry for the delay. Let me know if I can still be on the stand and what I need to do?? Thanks Jon
  9. Good shout, looks to be clear. Interested to know if they came from factory with tinted or clear
  10. Looking to get a new windscreen for my mk2 Giha, I know the windows are bronze tinted but is the windscreen, the one fitted looks clear but from new would it have been tinted?? Many thanks in advance
  11. Building up the front end of my mk2 escort (square headlights). Are these the correct adjusters? Its always had odd random bolts in it, so not sure Many thanks
  12. Booked, must be easier for you guys, not sorting/sending out passes and tickets?
  13. You could take a car for test with no windscreen or any doors and it would pass. The testing manual is online for everyone to read if you wanted some bed time reading lol
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