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  1. Hi all, I have a Mk2 Escort 2 door project which I am weigning up whether to finish kt my self or sell on to someone with more enthusiasm and a better back. Its an import from the Netherlands and I have the NOVA number for when you apply for a logbook. It was a 1.3 automatic but was going to become a rally car so I have ghe parts as follows New motorsport spec inner wings and front chassis rails. New front end panels from bulkhead (including a right hand drive bulkhead) to front panel. Fibreglass bootlid with spoiler. Aluminium forest arches and front bib. Front Bilsteins with coilver convefsion and springs with rebuilt m16 calipers and vented discs Rear Bilsteins with coilover kit Rear turrets 15" rear tubs Injection fuel tank and stand Thick wall tube atlas axle with 4.6 diff Rebuilt LSD with 16 and 18 spline side gears Rear discs kit World cup crossmember 2.4 turn quick rack 2.0 zetec st170 engine Retroford water rail Rebuilt Tranex type 9 5 speed box. Full Omex ecu, wiring, inlet manifold, throttle bodies and trumpets. Full Ashley exhaust system and manifold. Steel wheels (look like minilites) with forest tyres Bias pedal box with master cylinders and fluid pots. Superlight billet flywheel Paddle clutch Billet oil pump gears OMP Steering wheel There are all the tubes cut to length for a cage made fom CDS, they just need bending I know there is more. Its pretty much a complete project other than glass, brake lines, fuel lines, seats and harnesses. Needs some welding but not terrible. Comes with new sills. Boot floor is excellent as are chassis rails fron the crossmember back (new motorsport spec ones included. Spare wheel well and tank well need attention but as it was going to be a rally car I was going to flush them off. I'm pricing it all at £7000 so if you want a cheap project (adding up the parts comes to more than that) then this is it. No offers as I will build it myself as it will be a £20,000+ car when complete. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi all, ive got a 1.3 crossflow with auto box recently pulled from a mk2 escort. I am also getting rid of most of the interior as its going into the forest once ive welded her up. Good 2 door door cards in black. All out of a LHD car. Passenger door card (left hand side) has a small round patch of vinyl glued over what I suspect is a remote mirror hole but otherwise very good. Window handles rear cards and even windows are going. Seats arent great but fully functional. Fuel tank, front crossmember, front legs and rear axle. If you bring a van you can have the lot for £100 to get it all out of my way. Near J28 of the M5.
  3. Hi, do you have any rhd mk2 escort dash tops? Pretty much any condition as I'll be covering it so cracks and splits are fine as long as its straight and complete. Thanks in advance. Rob
  4. Hi All, I need a rhd mk2 escort dashbtop. Not too bothered about condition as im gonna cover it anyway so splits and cracks are fine as long as its straight and complete. Thanks in advance. Rob.
  5. Excellent, do you want me to sort postage my end or are you happy to sort it? I usually use transglobal express and they get the best deals. And they will pick it up from you. Let me know whichever way and how you would like payment. Thanks again Rob.
  6. Any chance of posting them? I can arrange a courier my end if you could box them up probably individually? thanks. Rob
  7. Great stuff. Where abouts are you? And do they have the steering arms with them?
  8. Ok, sounds good. Where abouts are you in Surrey? Is it complete with diff and crown wheel and pinion? Thanks. Rob.
  9. Hi all, building mk2 escort rally car so im after a capri or p100 axle and some front legs from a capri laser (I believe the dampers are removable on the lasers?) Or a sensibly priced pair of 2.8 legs Complete with brakes if you have them for the front struts. Putting discs on the back so rear brakes not important unless its already converted. Cash waiting for the right bits. thanks in advance Rob
  10. Hi, is the resr axle still available or did it sell? thanks in advance. Rob.
  11. Hi I'm really interested in the front section of the prop you have listed as postage only? I assume its from a pinto powered capri? Thanks in advance. Rob
  12. Hi All, 9th 0f October 2011 saw a great stage rally organised by the bournemouth and district car club. My little old mk1 Mexico came in at 3rd in class so we went home with a nice trophy. Here are some in car clips now on youtube.Please excuse some of the more.....colourful language.My navigator gets a bit carried away sometimes. Rob
  13. Was that Ally's MK3 Astra? Saw him in the morning and then loading up soon after. Trevors carb bolt came loose again as well. We put one in when it came in for a check over as it was running rough but it didnt get lockwired in. Hopefully we'll all get a clean run in january.
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