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  1. I thought that the Rs struts maybe had a 1" lower spring seat than the capri but was otherwise the same. Does anyone know what exactly the differences are?
  2. Yes I think you are right, there is no specific listing for the Rs2000, but to be honest I was just going to order the Capri part number. I was always under the impression that the struts are the same so the damper fitment should be too.
  3. Does anyone have a spare Pinto inlet manifold for a Weber 32/36? Preferably with a throttle linkage? Cheers John
  4. Thanks for that, they are about 15mm longer than mine.
  5. Good point about the shoulder, probably best to get some without any shoulder if possible. I think I'll be able to get the old ones out without removing the halfshafts. I did one years ago by pushing the studs out with a G clamp into some tube or a socket. It worked okay.
  6. I'll be needing some new dampers for a pair of RS/Capri struts that I'm rebuilding to fit on my Mk2, I know that a set of adjustable GAZ, AVO or Bilsteins will offer the ultimate performance, but Im on a budget and this is a scruffy fast road car, not a track weapon! A pair of KYB dampers are about £75 for oil or £100 for gas so they are pretty good value for a quality brand. What are peoples experiances with standard aftermarket inserts such as the ones from KYB etc? Has anyone found particular brands to be better than others?
  7. I'm currently rebuilding a set of RS struts that will need a set of new wheel studs. I plan to replace them with longer studs as it will give me more wheel options in the future and standard studs always seem a little short in my opinion. What's the general consensus as to a good useful stud length? also what are the longest studs you can fit on the rear without having to remove the halfshafts?
  8. I think Jbw's are et0, so not quite as much poke.
  9. I thought that might be the case, never mind!
  10. I've got an opportunity to purchase some nice old school Compomotive rims but I'm not sure about the fitment on my Escort. They are 13x7's with a 6mm negative offset. Does anyone have experience with running this much negative offset on a Mk2 with standard arches and on 1" lowering blocks? I'm currently running a set of 15x7" et16 weller Roadsports with 195/45R15 rubber and they fit nicely, not loads of clearance but enough, the Compomotives will have 22mm more poke so I know I'll need a narrower tyre. I'm not interested in "sarf london" rubber band sidewalls either, I think Id want 1856013's or at a push 17565R13 to get a little more stretch. Is this fitment possible?
  11. I saw this car last week at a car show, maybe not to everyone's taste, but it was stunning and done to a very high standard. It's all metal and although hard to see in the photos the doors and rear quarters have been heavily reworked too. When I first walked over to it from the front it took me a while to realise it was actually a Capri. I liked it.
  12. Ive got fond memories of playing Kerplunk with my Grandma as a kid... 2005! Blimey has it been that long!
  13. Can anyone help me out with a standard Mk2 Escort Engine Cross member? Cosmetic condition isn't too important as long as it not rotten and is serviceable, I dont mind getting the wire brush and hammerite out! Cheers John
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