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  1. Welcome to the forum. Been a long time since I posted. I'm from JHB...I've got a 69 Mk1 escort estate that I'll start work on in a couple a months.
  2. Hi guys, What carb does the MK1 1300 Estate come with? I took off the air filter housing on mine and found a Weber carb. It has a tag with the following inscription....711F FB A IM 7. Does this make any sense to anyone?
  3. Wow...that looks great. I want my MK1 estate to look like that. Have you got any hint's and tip's for me w.r.t suspension & brakes?
  4. I'm glad I found an estate...something different. I'm still deciding what to do with it though w.r.t colour, suspension mod's and engine.
  5. Ok. The info that I have from the licensing doc is as follows, VIN: JU84230 Engine no. 60A0631 I've tried the VIN decoders etc. but can't seem to make head or tail of the info. Could someone please help with deciphering the info. BTW, I'm in South Africa. Thank's guys.
  6. I've looked on the slam panel and can't find any tags. The slam panel has been painted black with anti stone chip paint...so I'm not sure if the tag was removed or it it' somewhere else. Someone with the old version MK1, please help.
  7. Hi guys, Where is the VIN plate on a 1969 MK1 Escort estate located?
  8. It's in South Africa...GP stands for Gauteng province.
  9. The car is in amazing condition considering how long it's been parked outside. The only rust on the car is on the driver's side floorpan. I think being at altitude, away from the humid & salty coastal air has helped alot. I need to replace all the rubbers, tyres, rear T/L and the windscreen......need to find out where I can source these from. The best thing is that I got it at a very low price....equivalent to £70.
  10. Hi guy's Found me a MK 1 Escort estate 1300 deluxe. Car hasn't been driven/started from 2001. What should I do before getting it on the road? I'm worried about rust in fuel tank, fuel lines etc. Thought of changing oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, flushing radiator, replacing tyre's & replacing brake shoe's. What other precautionary steps should be taken before trying to start the car, as I mentioned, it's been standing for 6 years untouched. I'm new to OSF and need as much help as I can get. I currently drive a SEAT Ibiza Cupra and want to use the Escort as my project car. Thank's Dennis
  11. I think that I'll buy the Haynes manual because the owners handbook is basic. I was looking for info like oil to use, spark plug's etc.
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