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  1. Recently repainted the engine bay and engine after the battery exploded after an alternator fault. Timing gear on the 3.1 engine was removed so the metal plate at the back could be removed for proper cleanup of the acid and for it to be repainted. Now reassembled there is a knocking but only once the engine is warmed up. It is definitly from the top and front in the centre line of the car after checking with a stethascope. Engine was nice and quiet last time it was run and on my spare engine there is 3mm total movement fore and aft. Noise goes at about 2000rpm but I think it drowned out by the noise of any engine at that speed and the noise from the fan. The car is running an all steel timing gear. Question; Is it possible that the timing gear was pushed too far back on reassebly? What sort of damage if any will be doe if the car is driven like this? Only other changes to the engine at that end is the firment of a refurbished distributor and new fuel pump. Everything else has been cleaned and either re-painted or re-plated.
  2. GarethB

    LSD axle

    RS3100's never had any options, any fitted with LSD was an afer market job. The one in my RS3100 was fitted by the dealership who originally owned the car.
  3. There were loads of traders that I normally associate with Donno spares day at the Central RSOC Day at Santa Pod.
  4. Will check the calander, but good chance I can bring the Capri out.
  5. Look forward to seeing you guys there. I'll be the one with the white RS3100 in concours polishing the rust
  6. I'll be in councours again and now I compete against the Escorts, hopefully I will not be the only one
  7. Any engine transplant in a Capri if its to be moded has to be a V6 or a V8
  8. Best get to the pod before the gates open, if it is nice weather it has been known for this RS Regional day to be queing down to the corssroads. Russ; run in the afternoon, more chance of seeing you down the strip after concours judging.
  9. I've been thinking about a Mk3 Tina Estate and putting a Granada 2.9 Cosworth engine in and for the shows I go to that are a bit muddy then 4x4 would help. That would make a nice tow vehicle to trailer the RS3100 places
  10. Oli, I think all the 2.8i had LSD's fitted, at least the later ones did. As for other questions on an Essex running unleaded, I find that super unleaded either BP optimax or Shell Ultima are close to 98 RON, combined with Millers VSP plus; from the test I have done on the mix (joys of being a research chemist ) comes out on average at 100 RON, the best result I got was a 103RON, so putting the fuel on a par with the old 5 star if you ever managed to get it which was about as common as biofule is today Need to tune the engine accordingly, and should you find you have to fill up with ordinary unleaded you do get a decrease in performance but the engine still runs smooth.
  11. That's three of us. There must me more in Brum, Derby, Leicester and a nice run up the B roads for the Reditch boys.
  12. I have organised meets before while Chairman of the Central RS Owners Club for 3 years and found The Bull Inn Watling Street Witherley Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 1RD a very good location, it is on the A5 between Atherstone and Nuneaton, so easy acess from the M42, M69, M6 and so on. The food and drink is excellent and the carparking space large, in summer there is a bouncy castle for the kids and plenty of room in the beer garden for them to run off some energy. There is an upstairs function room which I have never been charged the use of due to the amount of business a car club brings to them. I propose a Sunday meeting every 1st Sunday of the month. Let me know if you are interested and if there is enough I will get the OK from the landlady. We can also meet at a different place in the Midlands every month if people know of a good meeting place to add some variety. Regards Gareth
  13. I am sure I will be free some weekends in May to bring the Capri out. Will be interested in other Midlands local meets too.
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