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  1. and what car you got rob I have an R S Turbo as you know. only windin ye up bud,
  2. that's what iv just fitted, still got to connect the brakes before i try it out properly, but first impressions are good [/img]
  3. yeah i remember a mate of mine bought a 'quad headlamp' conversion for his mk2 cavilear - it was basically a stick on plastic sheet with two big holes in it to make the original square lamps look like two little round ones one of our drivers had them stick on ones on an old rover 600, he also used a pair of his wifes tight's over the rear's so they looked tinted what a tit
  4. this will be awsome when it's finished, nice project mate
  5. that one of my favourite mk1's ,hard lookin car
  6. top motor mate, trimmed firewall looks factory
  7. it will be the best 5ton you'll ever spend mate, welded dif'fs as already said are dangerous, ok for dicking around on an airstrip, but as for driving one on the road it has to be an open or lsd/atb diff ,
  8. not a fan myself mate, although i reckon they look good in other colours, id like a set of orange clock's if i could get em
  9. bare steel smoothie vintique's, ordered them through northants tyres and they had them made in the state's due to me wanting 4 stud, took about 12mnths after a load of phone calls , but it was all worth it. i reckon they are the tit's
  10. finally fitted my 105e axle, atb-lsd, refurbed brakes and my 7x15 steels dont know weather to drop it another inch or two what d'ya think? [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  11. some aussie's are doin this mate, here's just one http://www.gruppea.com.au
  12. i like the big jap/drift style wheels, that yellow x pack looks the tits, go for it bud
  13. i love your motor mate, the pics dont do it justice. you need to get back to the l'pool meet mate. it's one of only a few mk3's i like
  14. they look the tits tony, you've got some serious skills there bud
  15. what do they need to be to work mate, can i change them anyway although that one looks pretty cool as is
  16. can someone do me a sig please, hope these pics are ok, thanks in advance [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  17. happy biethday mate, hope you had a good'n
  18. not onother capri always welcome jon you love it mate he has bonnet envy i only got a small flimsy black one
  19. not onother capri always welcome jon
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