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  1. Hello mate is Supervan being restored to original spec and do you know when it might be out and about again ?
  2. Hello mate did you go to Brunel university in Uxbridge . I started working on the Brunel maintenance team in 1989 and i am still there . If you haven't been back to have a look you wouldn't recognise it . It has probably quadrupled in size both in buildings and student numbers .Love the 1300 Cortina .
  3. Think this photo is of the Norman Reeves garage that was in Uxbridge, Middlesex . I worked for a building firm based behind it .
  4. Monaro is stunning and welcome too Oldskoolford .
  5. Welcome to OSF Ben . Thats a lovely mk1 you have there . I think you liked a post i put on here about a ska track so you are good in my book
  6. Welcome Ben good to see another Cortina as opposed to yet another Escort
  7. Thats the one Vista thanks mate .
  8. Just remembered it was frankthefencer and he hasnt been on here since 1st may,2014 .Do any of you know him ? I will pm him and see if he replies .
  9. Trying to find a member on here who had a very nice mk2 escort but was also into VWs . i have an exhaust that i was told was for a mk4 VW Golf GTi and was hoping for an ID and price guide . This person was/is a well known person with a well known high spec mk2 that may hae been silver in colour .Any help would be much appreciated .
  10. Scott is this restoration work done as a hobby or job ?
  11. Sorry to hear about your crash and injury mate were you in the Escort when it happened ?
  12. I stopped buying the mag a couple of months ago , too many what i would describe as moderns for me . Also agree about the spelling and grammar .
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